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Detective Story - The Kiss

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Detective Story - The Kiss OCR English Coursework A soft breeze roamed the gentle streets of London, wandering nonchalantly around every corner of every rickety street. The moon was high, emitting rays, lighting the harsh night that filled the land. It is inconceivable to imagine a scene more picturesque than this, as the two lovers strolling amorously along the Thames, hand in hand. The chain of lights illuminated the area in close proximity, and they could just make out the goings about of the city. The gentleman abruptly turned and faced the women, passion burning in his eyes. This was the moment he had been planning for what seemed like an eternity. Everything had gone to plan, and as they would stroll along the river, if everything else went accordingly, he would kiss her. He gazed at her, her face vivid in the reflection of the current. It was then that he realised...he needn't have concocted his little 'master plan' - she was going to kiss him. She gently clasped her soft hands lovingly around his tender neck, and they encountered a fervent embrace. For the gentleman, the world seemed to stop. He had never been in love with anyone as he had with this lady. During the embrace, the most random thoughts entered his head. Had he locked the front door? What time would he return home? He felt delirious from the kiss...that was probably the reason for his madness. Slowly, their lips pulled apart, and they stared fondly into each other's eyes. However, she broke eye contact and stared down at the ground. He tried to work out she was doing. From first impressions, it looked like she was blindly fumbling for something in her pocket. Then, completely unsuspectingly, she pulled something out of her pocket. The moonlight glinted off the metallic surface, and it was then that he realised. She grasped the tiny blade in her small hands, and brought it across the throat of the man. ...read more.


Slowly, he stepped backwards to glance at the corpse from a distance. There was something disconcerting about the positions of the corpse's hands. Whilst one hand naturally curved over, the other seemed to be tightly clutching something. Frankie returned to the side of the body and clasped the arm. The coldness of the arm made the hairs on Frankie's neck stand on end. The rigor mortis had begun to set in, Frankie sensed, as he felt the resistance when moving the arm. He gazed at the hand, it's pallor and strikingly visible veins mesmerised him. Slowly unclenching the fist, something fell from Summer's hand onto the floor. This intrigued Frankie, as items were supposed to be completely removed from corpses before the autopsy. How had this rogue object survived the removal? He could see it was a crumpled up piece of paper. On further inspection he could see the writing, blue and in a very neat writing. As Frankie read the letter, it unfolded a web of revelations from Summers...revelations about being fired from his job, about how his love had left him, and finally how he decided that life was too long for his liking. Frankie read, re-read, and then read again the note. So...suicide? 'That would be an obvious conclusion...but there's something that doesn't work,' Frankie thought to himself. There were just a few things that didn't tie up to the suicide hypothesis. He would have wanted to inspect the mysterious substance on his lips further, but suddenly, a clatter came from the door. 'What do you mean you just let him in? Insolence!' yelled a disgruntled male voice from the reception. Frankie knew his ruse had been foiled. He quickly crumpled the note into his pocket, and fled out through the fire escape. However, Frankie was not put off by his detection, and continued his search. There were two more bodies, scattered in morgues, one in Westminster, and one in Baron's Court. ...read more.


He rose to his feet, and wiped the tears from his stinging eyes. 'It was you all the time! You found lonely men who would never be missed, befriended them and then murdered them after a kiss. You snuck into the morgues, planting suicide notes in their hands, hoping they would through the clueless police off the trail. You're a murdering bitch!' Frankie yelled viciously at the top of his voice. He had never felt rage like this...and he liked it! However, his revelation appeared to have no impact upon Anna. Her facial expression remained unchanged. And then, slowly, very slowly, she made her way towards Frankie. She moved as if she was gliding over water, with the poise of an angel, smooth and graceful. Slowly, she moved so that she stood face to face with Frankie and clasped her hands gently around his neck. Frankie felt the overwhelming surge to hit her, but another essence inside of him was strangely compelled to let it happen. He didn't hate her, he was infatuated with her; he loved her more than anything. No, shut up! He yelled to himself. She had cast her spell upon Frankie like those before him. He hated this cold-blooded killer, yet, when she held him, he belonged to her, like there was an invisible magnetism between the two. Anna slowly brought her head forward, and placed her lips on Frankie. Her flesh soothed Frankie, causing his world to stop. All that mattered to him now was Anna...beautiful Anna. Frankie's logical mind slowly faded, and became displaced by the hex of Anna. 'No, fight it. She must be stopped!' his sub-conscious pleaded. But before he could regain control over his body and mind, the glimmer of the light had once again returned, and as subtle as before, he was gone. With no remorse at all, Anna slinked off, disappearing into the night once again. But, the second before he died, Frankie had one prevailing thought...he would not be missed. Wednesday, 01 January 2003 Vishnu Parameshwaran ...read more.

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