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Detective story The events of my past few days unravelled like a story on the wrong side of my eyes. Turning the pages in my mind, I found it hard to read between the lines and complication that ran through the week. I still couldn't believe the success of my last case. When colouring the pictures and mysteries I was almost certain I had got it in the wrong order. I slouched smugly back in my black leather chair looking upon my upcoming project. She was no cheap picture from a storybook alike my previous clients, the way to describe her was more like a painting, rich and divine, full of colour. I released a white cube with black dots in ascending amounts from 1-6 from my fingertips onto the mahogany chestnut desk. The sound echoed through the room like the applaud from a discontented audience whilst Mrs Sullivan and I were swallowed into one another's eyes. She was sprawled seductively on the chaise lounge and her golden skin seemed to vanish against the bronze stitching. Chocolate brown curls curtained her heart shaped face and her small crimson lips were like the plush cushions on which she lay. ...read more.


With me I took a leather satchel containing the envelope and its interior as well as a pair of rubber gloves, a notepad and pen and a pocket sized camera. I opened the door of my office, and what felt like a gush of wind blew boisterously onto me. I closed the door securely as I was swept off my feet like a fallen leaf. I walked stubbornly through the mist and the force of the wind felt like enormous weights of invisible power on my shoulders. The air smelt vile and the glow of street lamps hung like fireflies under the blue cover. I took my rusty keys from my right breast pocket and purposefully inserted them into the matching lock upon the patent car door. My hands were thick with sweat and the keys seemed to oppose the texture. After several minutes the lock clicked out of its position, enabling me to enter the car. The car was old, and often took a bit of persuasion to start but that day it seemed rather motivated and soon I was whirling along the narrow streets on my way to the casino in which Mr Sullivan accordingly would be. ...read more.


I've been following you ever since my husband and I moved here in 1954. In fact, I feel as though I'm a part of you. Hehehhe. Oh don't look so shocked dear...if I were you I'd be flattered, having such an attractive woman following you like a puppy dog.' 'I don't quite understand I am afraid. I think you are in too much of a state of shock, perhaps we should talk at a later date when u become saner.' I nervously stuttered, now completely puzzled and even a little bit frightened. 'No I'm making sense, I am talking only the truth. You see you may not have noticed, but we're soul mates, I am in love with you, and I know you feel the same about me. That's why I knew we had to be together. I only came here to be noticed by you and of course I had to have a story. So I made up my husband was having an affair and then led you to the casino where I would murder him and then you would be there to rescue me and we could grow old together in one another's arms. We can do that now, don't you see. I am no longer married, I'm widowed. Oh I love you,' she said like a crazed animal throwing herself into my arms ...read more.

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