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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Uses of Radiation.

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English Coursework A view From the Bridge-Arthur Miller -Discuss the ways in which Alferi's opening speech prepares the audience for what is to come in the play A View from The Bridge. Arthur Miller was born on October 17th,1915 in new York city with both of his parents being immigrants into the united States. His father's success with his clothing manufacturing business made the family live well untill the American economy collasped and Arthur Miller had to be employed as a warehouseman in order to pay his school feel at Michigan university in 1934 where he studied Economics and history. In university playwriting became his primary ambition which led him to earn his living from journalism and writing radio scripts in 1938 after graduating. During World War Two he also worked as a shipfitter for two years in the Brooklyn Navy Shipyard, where a near majority of workers were Italian and where Miller made connections with their family centered concerns. His first proffessionally produced stage play, The ManWho Had All The Luck failed on Broadway in 1944. In 1947 his play All My Sons became successful and won the Pultizer prize in 1949 for Death of a Salesman. He also wrote plays on social events happening in USA such as The Crucible which he wrote about the reaction to witch-hunt of left sympathizers. He first produced a one-act play in verse of A View from the Bridge in 1955, followed by a two-act play in 1956which was produced in the Comedy Theatre in London. ...read more.


This change also explains the changes that occur in the play as the audience will note, which eventually led the chorus' to mood change in the end just as the Cabone's life was fated. Alferi being the story's narator starts off by giving a little bit of information on his background, we gather he's a lawyer and has an Italian background having migrated from Italy to America at age 25. In his opening speech we know how people living in New York along Alferi's street see him, he tells us how they fear lawyers and priests and it is considered unlucky when one comes into contact with one,'"In this neighberhood to meet a lawyer or priest on the street is unlucky"'. (Act 1, Alferi's opening speech). This sentence goes to describe on the whole how the immigrant workers live by fear each day in the hope of not coming across a lawyer. In other words lawyers represent the law and as the law hasn't looked favourably on them back in their counrty,'"the law has not been a friendly idea..."'(Act 1, Alferi's opening speech) e.g. the Italian government turns a blind eye as their people hunger and fight for jobs which makes them migrate to seek greener pastures.Lawyers in America would have reported to Immigration which they would likely prevent from occuring. They consider it grave misfortune if this happens to befall on them. He also goes on to mention names of people who have lived possibly worst off than what was to happen in Eddie's life. ...read more.


Alferi who is also the narator and lawyer is also the menEddie confides in. he does not come outright to speak of his feelings towrds his niece but gets really furious when Alferi makes an assumption.'"She can't marry you, can she?"'(Act 1, Alferi speaking). In which Eddie retaliates furiously and is in a state of denial. He acts typically to that of a man who's hidden secret has been let out. Rodolfo in comparison to Eddie is nothing to be amazed as Rodolfo has more going for him than Eddie. He's young and handsome with platinum blond her which delights catherine the first time they meet. He is also a good singer, very talented and has a good sense of humour. These qualities go to fuel the jealousy Eddie feels towards him and pushes him towards reporting Rodolfo to immigration. Finally in my opinion I think Eddie was finally pushed to the brink because he felt helpless and thought it was the only solution to stop Catherine from moving out with Rodolfo. He cant help but try to prevent. Also we know how Alferi speaks in his opening speech that Eddie's life was doomed for tragedy, Eddie's name is mentioned right after Alferi speaks of a bloody course. The tenses he use are past and informs us that the events he's talking about is past or has already taken place. '"This one's name was Eddie Carbone..."' In my opinion I think the chorus starting the play using past tense also means there's nothing any of us can do to prevent destiny from taking place. ...read more.

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