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Direct act 3 scene 3 of Othello.

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English coursework July - August 2003 - Othello by William Shakespeare Sunday 25th May 2003 Front room 3.30pm Dear Diary, I have being asked to direct act 3 scene 3 of Othello written by William Shakespeare in the year 1603. The play was written in Elizabethan times and is therefore all in Old English as supposed to modern day. My job is to create a dramatic and powerful scene out of this act without altering the words or the story. In the course of Shakespeare's life he wrote thirty-eight plays each with their own remarkable tale and each still being read and studied by many to this day. Taken individually, several of them are among the world's finest written works though taken collectively; they establish Shakespeare as the foremost literary talent of the Elizabethan age. No other writer's plays and poetry have been produced so many times or in so many countries or translated into so many languages. Shakespeare's works can be divided into four categories, which he wrote during various periods of his life. He started of with comedies then histories then tragedies and finally romances; Othello comes under the tragedy category. Othello though a tragedy is a relationship story and brings to light issues associated with trust and honesty. The story is based upon a young lady called Desdemona and her husband Othello, and how their relationship and all that they have is destroyed by one of Othello's followers Iago. He is portrayed as the devil and is one of Shakespeare's most evil characters, who causes hurt, anguish and pain to everybody just because he is jealous of Cassio's (Othello's lieutenants) job. Othello is set in Venice in Italy, known as the city of love, I think Shakespeare chose this set because of this fact, because it all ties in with the story and leads us to the conclusion that hate does exist even in the most beautiful of places. ...read more.


This was all to much for Othello to handle for him this was proof enough and he was in a state of sheer madness and anger, he was hurt and wounded so deeply, how could his beautiful Desdemona do this behind his back, and what about his trusty Lieutenant Cassio, how long had he (Othello) being tricked for. Othello voices his new feelings about his wife, whom he once adored he has had enough and states "I'll tear her to pieces". This makes Iago yet more pleased, for he knows he is doing a good job of what he set out for. He then goes on to anger Othello even more by telling him about Desdemona's handkerchief that Othello gave her when they first got together: "Have you not sometimes seen a handkerchief spotted with strawberries in your wife's hand? ......Such a handkerchief I'm sure it was your wife's-did I to-day see Cassio wipe his beard with" Iago says this because he knows the importance of the handkerchief to Othello not only because it was the first present he gave Desdemona but also because it was once his mothers. This bit of information stretches Othello beyond all his limits he is heavily discombobulated and seeks revenge on Cassio and Desdemona, like Iago did on him. He wants the pair of them dead and he tells Iago this to which he replies "My friend is dead; (meaning Cassio) 'tis done but let her (Desdemona) live." This is Iago's final test for he wants to be sure that Othello is going to kill the pair of them, Othello then gives Iago the promotion he has being waiting for all along saying: "Now art thou my lieutenant", meaning now you are my lieutenant. This brings us to the end of the scene I'm to be directing, now all that is left for me to do is tell you a bit about the actors, who will be playing the parts of Cassio, Othello, Iago, Desdemona and Emilia. ...read more.


From here Iago re-enters the stage on the right hand side without Othello knowing. When Othello finishes his speech he falls into a freeze frame on the left hand side of the stage meanwhile Iago steps forward and says his line, which he says to himself. Iago then falls silence as Othello once again speaks to the audience. Othello is then taken by surprise when Iago starts speaking to him, they then both wander to centre stage to continue their conversation together until such time as Othello says "Now, by yond marble heaven," after saying these words he (Othello) then kneels down and speaks, once he has finished speaking Iago to kneels down beside Othello they stay kneeling until Iago finishes his speech, they then stand together and finish their conversation Until such time as Iago leaves the stage for the third and final time. Monday 2nd June 2003 The Green room 5.15pm Dear Diary, Very good rehearsal we ran through the whole scene this evening it was brilliant and we did a lot of practising of the last part of the scene. The whole cast are very excited to have finished this scene, and cant wait to show Dave Lee Johnson and Sandy Davies tomorrow. Tuesday 3rd June 2003 Front Room 5pm Dear Diary, Today we spent the whole day doing the final rehearsals of the scene it is now ready to go in with the rest of the play, which is being organised and directed, by Dave Lee Johnson and Sandy Davies. It feels so brilliant when everything works out and you know you where the one who worked things to be that way, I can't believe what I have done, the scene is so effective and it looks so professional. The actors have being brilliant and put a 100% effort in at all times. Dave and Sandy came to see it today and they to are thrilled at how well the scene ties in with the rest of the play. ...read more.

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