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Directing a scene from Romeo and Juliet - car chase

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Directing a scene from Romeo and Juliet Act 3 scenes 1 Car Chase For our presentation we have chosen to rein act the fight between Tybalt and Romeo, Tybalt is slain and Romeo flees. We have decided to change the scene by having the fight as a car chase, this will bring the play in to modern day times and make the play more realistic. Setting: In this section of the play there is a violent car chase between Romeo and Tybalt, the perfect place to set the scene would be Westminster Bridge as the road is long and it is surrounded water which isolates it and gives it more effect. ...read more.


Tybalt however carries the blood of Mercutio in his hands his suit has been ripped from the beating of Mercutio and the blood has dripped from his face on to his gold suit. Lighting: There will be one source of bright light shining throughout the whole bridge to show the importance of the scene, bright light will also shine on to the cars this will draw attention. All people apart from Tybalt and Romeo will fade into the background and will hardly be seen. Tone of voice: Romeos voice will be loud full of rage and anger wanting to avenge his friend and Tybalt quiet with a lot of stuttering as he is now scared and full of guilt. ...read more.


Both will have both hands on their steering wheels. Body language: Romeo and Tybalt both confident and nervous of the outcome of what is about to go down. Both of them are psyching themselves keeping straight faces and not giving frightened emotions. Language: In the play Shakespearian language will be used as it makes the play more effective and interesting, it makes the scene more emotional. Attitude: in previous scenes Romeo would be quiet and Tybalt would be aggressive but in this scene things have changed. Romeo is very angry and aggressive, as the loss of his best friend has outraged him. Tybalt is afraid of what will happen to him for killing Mercutio so his attitude is quieter. Once Romeo has killed Tybalt his attitude to changes and he becomes quiet. ...read more.

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