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Directing the scene -Tricking Benedict - Much Ado About Nothing

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Tricking Benedict ? Much Ado ________________ As a director of the scene of tricking Benedick, I would interpret it slightly differently to other people. From reading the script I am able to give a quick overview of the scene itself. It starts as Benedick is spotted by Don Pedro, Claudio and Leonato. Together they draw him in by stating that Beatrice loves Benedick. A shocked and intrigued Benedick hides behind a bush as he listens to their conversation. The men reveal how much she loves him but that she is too shy to declare it. This is all a set-up to show to make Benedick and Beatrice love each other. I imagine that I would set the scene in a large boarding school where several of the older boys have been sent off to the war in Afghanistan and are now on a break and have come to visit friends to tell them of their experiences. Many of the girls are wooed by the heroic men and the headmaster- Leonato has high hopes for his popular daughter Hero. ...read more.


Knavery cannot, sure, hide himself in such reverence.? I think Benedick should be walking around the stage at this point possibly more downstage as at this stage the others are upstage. He should be shaking his head in disbelief of what he is hearing and almost looking up into the sky to pray that what he hears is true. I would like his tone of voice to be almost a question in a rhetorical tone. The next piece of text I feel should be said with no emphasis and quite fast as it?s not really relevant and more of a necessary response: ?He hath ta?en th?infection. Hold it up.? A response from Don Pedro is quite important so we want to capture Benedick?s attention. I want them all to walk a bit closer to Benedick so that he hears what they are saying but it makes it look like there is a secret. ?Hath she made her affection known to Benedick?? They are in a crowded huddle here and then Benedick should have a amused reaction eager to here the response. ...read more.


? This says she now when she is beginning to write to him; for she?ll be up twenty times a night, and there will she sit in her smock till she have writ a sheet of paper. My daughter tells us all.? He must have a little smirk on his face so that they audience realise that he is joking but not so silly so that Benedick suspects something. Suddenly Benedicks head pops out from behind the hedge but is quickly gone. Leonato goes very serious and moves further away form Bendick so that it is not so obvious that they want his attention. I would like the rest of the text to follow pretty much that pattern, moving closer to each other and then further away again. Their voices should go up in a crescendo as it reaches climax when Claudio gets into the acing and shrieks with pleasure, ? Then down upon her knees she falls, weeps, sobs, beats her heart, tears her hair, prays, curses. ? O sweet Benedick! God give me patience.? If I was a director this is how I may like to direct the scene of tricking Benedick. ...read more.

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