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Disabled by Wilfred Owen - Creative Writing

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DISABLED 19 June 1915 "Dearest Meg, I hope you are doing well everything here seems to be going well; we claimed a lot of ground yesterday and the Governor was immensely pleased. The conditions in the trenches are not great but the chaps and I, we are sticking together. We got a delivery of coffee last week with ensured much happiness. Stuart and I were reminiscing last night about the night when we enlisted. You and May looked so sweet that night; I still can't get the image of you out of head. When we were dancing and I was holding you in my arms, you seemed to dance like an angel, and then the song changed and you didn't know the steps. You stood on my feet whilst I guided you over the floor, with a feeling of joy in my heart..." ...read more.


Everything here is the same; hope everyone back home is ok (including you). There is talk of the end being near; can't wait to be home with you again. Will write soon, all my love Ali ... Just reading back over his letters makes me realise how bad the conditions he live din must have been. The lies in the letters about how everything was fine, "talk of the end being near..." I believed him when he wrote me those things. Now it's hard to believe how delusional reality had become for everyone. I remember talking to May abut Stuart, she was devastated (obviously) but determined to carry on and put the tragedy behind her. I remember writing to Alastair to tell him how horrific the funeral was. "Died of a broken heart". Me, her best friend could not see how much the death had affected her; she hid it so well from everyone. ...read more.


How ironic! Seeing him there in that chair, his hair unwashed, his skin grey, I felt no sorrow, no remorse, and no love. He looked so helpless and yet all I could think about was how quickly I could leave that horrible place and discard my memories of this part of my life forever. When it finally came to saying goodbye, I didn't not have the guts to kiss him. I just said "I'll come back and visit you soon." The lie slipped out so easily, and as I turned to walk out the door, I could hear him weeping, "Why don't they come?" I did not turn around; I knew why they did not come; the same reason I would never be returning. He has lost everything. He is no longer a man, hardly even a human. The thought of him disgusts me, just as does everyone else. He has disturbed me for long enough, and finally now, I can continue my life with family and set my restless soul to sleep. Goodbye Alastair. Angela Cotton 11GCP 1 GCSE English Coursework ...read more.

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