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Disagreeing with Clarkson's article "Stuff the tiger",

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´╗┐Elowen Jiang[Type text]6782 Dear editor, After reading the Clarkson?s article, I know that in his point of view, human beings do not have the responsibility to protect tigers. Obviously, that?s false. I totally disagree with his view. Protecting the animal resources and keeping the ecological balance matter the human beings existence and development. So, In my opinion, protecting tigers is an unshirkable duty for every earthling. ?As the population of China becomes more wealthy, demand for illegal tiger parts is booming.? That is the first sentence of his article. So, we know that Clarkson? s first reason is that tigers provide business. Honestly that?s truth because people need to make money to fees families clothe and shelter themselves survive. However, killing tigers is illegal. Making profit by killing tigers is wrong. There is a slogan I have been hearing for quit some time, ?If the buying stops, the selling will stops? The use of endangered tiger products and their medicines is seen as a symbol of high status and wealth. ...read more.


High price for little gain. Not worth it! Clarkson also argues that extinction of tigers is none of us business. ? I?ve never seen any number of creatures that I know to exist. So why should I care if my children never see a tiger?? Through this sentence can show his view. What a ludicrous claim! Contrary to this view, I think tigers are the same as human beings, both of us are the member of the big family- earth. Firstly, tigers are at the top of the food chain, the disappearance of tigers will breaks the ecological balance because the food chain is destroyed. In general, the extinction of tigers can seriously threaten and destroy the ecological environment and biological diversity. What?s more, that?s so sad if our children can?t see the tigers in the future. ...read more.


Because of the illegal hunt, habitat loss and climate change. There have a great relationship between animals and human beings. We are interdependent because all of us are the member of the nature. Thus all life forms, including tigers, interlink with each other within an ecosystem. Protecting tigers is thus vital to the conservation of many other rare and threatened species. The tiger has just as much a right to life as we have so we absolutely need to protect them. It is right that people have the right to express their point of view or contribute to discuss which topic they wish. But we should also use our discrimination to identify right and wrong. In general, I disagree with Clarkson?s point of view. On the other hand, I think the ?The Sun Times? need to improve, because this article just offered one argument about whether the protect tiger or not; just to write on one hand is not beneficial for all the readers. Yours Sincerely Elowen Jiang ...read more.

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