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Discuss how J.B. Priestley uses the inspector in an inspector calls.

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Discuss how J.B. Priestley uses the inspector in an inspector calls. At the start of the play the stage directions tell us the "lighting should be pink and intimate." This shows the audience that it is a cosy atmosphere. We can see that the characters are happy and well off because that are enjoying champagne, cigars and a big meal. Dialogue also tells the audience what the characters are like, for example Sheila jokes about "purple faced old men." And she calls her mother "mummy" which shows that she has probably lived a sheltered life. The meal, which the Birlings are having, is to celebrate the engagement of Sheila their daughter and Gerald heir of a big company "crofts limited." This engagement has made Mr Birling especially happy as he believes that the engagement will bring his company together with Gerald's fathers company, as he believes the marriage is a business deal, as he says "your father and I have been friendly rivals for some time now, now you've brought us together." There is dramatic irony. For instance, the audience knows how wrong Mr Birling is when he makes confident predictions about there not being a war and is excited about the sailing of The Titanic: famously, the ship sank on her maiden voyage. ...read more.


She is horrified by her own part in Eva's story. She feels full of guilt for her jealous actions and blames herself as "really responsible." The audience begin to see Shelia change from a light headed girl who has lived a sheltered life to a girl who is begging to see what poor people have to work for to live. When the inspector mentions that Eva smith changed her name to Daisy Renton it changes the mood of the room as Sheila realises the startled look on Gerald's face she knows he knew her. And she brings in last summer when Gerald never came to see he because he said that he was to busy with work. As Shelia finds out that Gerald has had an affair it creates tension between the two, which have just been engaged. She is curious. She genuinely wants to know about Gerald's part in the story. It's interesting that she is not angry with him when she hears about the affair: she says that she respects his honesty. She is becoming more mature. At the beginning of act 2 Shelia admits that she's to blame. As she tries to protect her mother from saying something she'll regret, but Mrs birling behaves in a stuck up manor and won't listen to her daughter, as she believes that she knows best. ...read more.


Eric is described at the start as "in his early twenties, not quite at ease, half shy, half assertive. Eric seems embarrassed and awkward right from the start. The fist mention of him in the stage directions is "Eric suddenly guffaws, and then he is unable to explain his laughter, as if he is nervous about something. (It is not until the final act that we realise this must be because of his having stolen some money.) There is another awkward moment when Gerald, Birling and Eric are chatting about women's love of clothes before the Inspector arrives. I feel that there is tension in Eric's relationship with his father? It soon becomes clear to us although it takes Mr & Mrs Birling longer, that he is a hardened drinker. Gerald admits, "I have gathered that he does drink pretty hard. He feels guilt and frustration with himself over his relationship with the girl. He cries, "Oh - my God! - How stupid it all is! As he tells his story. He is horrified that his thoughtless actions had such consequences. He had some innate sense of responsibility, though, because although he got a woman pregnant, he was concerned enough to give her money. He was obviously less worried about stealing from his father's office, than he was about the girl's future. ...read more.

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