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Discuss how the opening scene of 'Lost' transforms the main character into a believable hero for the audience.

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English - Media Coursework "Heroes are not born; they are made." Discuss how the opening scene of 'Lost' transforms the main character into a believable hero for the audience. What various implications does the seemingly simple term 'hero' connote? Is the imagery of this term lucid, resembling a portrait of Superman, as others would believe? Or is it your favourite idol, or possibly your own mother? To my essential understanding, any human being is a potential hero. What distinguishes this human as a hero is his/her general personality and deeds; a heroic deed is any deed that entails strong sacrifice, nobility and bravery. It is when you act outside and beyond your normal boundaries that you act in a heroic way. The television series 'Lost' captures the very essence of how an average looking man can successfully transform into a convincing heroic figure. The series was developed by the institution 'ABC' (American Broadcasting Company). The story revolves around people with different cultural backgrounds and personalities stranded on an island and struggling to escape as a result of the unfortunate aftermath of a plane crash, hence the program name. Accurately unfolding the genre, I would describe it as "suspense", placed in a television series for viewers to continuously watch. The age group this series would appeal to would consist of audience at ages 13-50. ...read more.


From this, the audience temporarily diverts their focus on the protagonist to the background scene, and may begin to ponder on the possibility that the island is a character, anti-hero and malevolent. At this moment, behaviour of the characters in the background is highly frantic, which conjures a small sense of panic and fanaticism to the audience - A woman is persistently screaming on the beach, a man is searching for his son and another man searching for his daughter. Initially, the protagonist professedly seems to feel disorientated and perplexed from the situation he has found himself in, but this conjecture immediately alters. Once the new surroundings have finally been established, we see a distinct modification in the behaviour and attitude of the protagonist. Surrounded with madness and mayhem, he immediately sprints towards the disaster, as a tracking camera consistently follows his speedy movements. At first, the audience is unsure of what he is running towards; the tribal drum beats sustaining and enhancing agitation. However, in springing into immediate action, we soon realise he is springing with purpose and into the heroic mould; as he tends to a victim screaming for help, not only does he assist him, but instructs others to assist him while doing so, therefore assuming an assertive role. Here the image of a sober businessman is shattered as he removes his tie and pulls the man out. ...read more.


Many people consider Superman, Batman or other comic book characters to be heroes. However, true heroism lies in remarkable heroic deeds carried out by everyday people. As previously explained, it is when you act outside and beyond your normal boundaries that you act in a heroic way. It becomes clear from the opening of 'Lost' that heroes can be made, if they are placed in a position that demands courage, leadership and bravery. Our hero, Jack, approached and demonstrated several qualities of a hero in 'Lost'; whilst he was put through traumatic and sequential life-threatening events, he maintained his focus throughout and rightfully earned his title as a hero. These actions are quite believable, and any individual could have done what Jack did, if they had courage and confidence, as people can relate to the fact that he is human, and it encourages them to do better. Often when people are placed in nervous and desperate situations, they get an adrenaline rush which contributes to the fact that Jack's actions were very possible. Contrary to the genre of 'Lost' being suspense, a comic book edge is developed in the opening due to a few minor factors including the appearance of Hurley. Although 'Lost' is generally fictitious, the opening scene successfully makes the programme realistic, by placing an ordinary man in demanding situation, which renovates Jack's extraordinary actions into something we can aspire to. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christopher Boutari 10F ...read more.

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