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Discuss how the relationship between Juliet, her nurse and her parents is show to change after her marriage to Romeo

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Discuss how the relationships between Juliet, her nurse and her parents is shown to change after her marriage to Romeo. Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare. The part of the play that is being focused on is Act 1 scene 2, Act 1 scene 3 and Act 3 scenes 5. These scenes will show the change in the relationships between Juliet, her nurse and her parents. In Act 1 scene 2 Lord Capulet is speaking to Paris about his marriage proposal for Juliet. He takes Juliet's feelings into account when he says "My child is yet a stranger in the world.....Let two more summers wither in their pride" He wants Juliet to make some important decisions and gain experience of "the big wide world" so he tells Paris to let 2 more years pass until she is ready. But on the other hand he could be making a show for Paris and is pretending that Juliet has a loving caring father and family in order for him to want to marry Juliet more. But if this were true Shakespeare would have given more of an indication. ...read more.


Lady Capulet's assumption is wrong as Juliet is crying over Romeo being banished (for killing Tybalt). Lady Capulet has no idea Juliet is crying about Romeo, because if she were a loving caring mother, Juliet would be able to confide in her and tell her that she is married, they would feel comfortable around each other and share secrets that a normal mother and daughter would. Lady Capulet shows a little feeling for Juliet as she says she wants to ease Juliet's pain and get revenge, she will send someone into Mantua to poison Romeo. "We will have vengeance ....weep no more. I'll send one into Mantua" Lady Capulet sees her daughter crying and wants to help by killing Romeo, but it won't help because its Juliet's husband. But Lady Capulet doesn't know that, so she thinks she will do good by killing him, but she will only make things worse. However Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet might have already planned to pay someone to poison and kill Romeo and Lady Capulet is telling Juliet she will do it for her, so Juliet thinks her mother has her best interests at heart, so therefore she might change her mind about marrying Paris. ...read more.


They have built up lots of love for each other over the many years they have been together. The nurse cares about Juliet more that Lady Capulet does, it should be the other way around but it isn't. Lady Capulet and Juliet have never had a relationship and probably never will. They had no love for each other in Act 1 scene 2 or in Act 1 scene 3. At the start of Act 3 scene 5 she seemed to care about Juliet but then she changed and shared no feelings at all. Their relationship changes on a daily basis, it could be good or bad but never loving. Lord Capulet and Juliet seemed to have a bond in Act 1 scene 2 (even though she was not in the scene) but it could have been an act. Act 3 scene 5 shows that it must have been an act, because when he is not with Paris he treats Juliet like an animal and continuously insults her, and she has to listen to it. He is calm when he is getting his own way but when Juliet loses a little respect he becomes violent and abusive. He does have feelings for her but they change on a daily basis, which is similar to Lady Capulet and Juliet's relationship. ...read more.

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