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Discuss The Characters Of Marco And Rodolfo. What Effect Do They Have On The Carbone Household?

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Discuss The Characters Of Marco And Rodalfo. What Effect Do They Have On The Carbone Household? From the moment they enter the play, the formal and grateful character of Marco contrasts greatly to the more ostentatious and vivacious character of Rodolfo. This is evident to the audience through our initial understanding of them - Marco is respectful, honest and a responsible gentleman, which can be observed through his family ambitions and his gratitude shown towards the Carbone family. Conversely his brother is a raconteur who has more casual ambitions in life. Although he wins the heart of Catherine and the friendship of Beatrice, he clearly does not abide to Eddie's 'male code of honour', and Eddie's incestuous dreams with Catherine results in deep jealousy of the relationship that she has with Rodolfo. The audience interpret Marco's formal, respectful character from the initial scene where Marco enters the household. He shows his gratitude towards the Carbone family in numerous ways, which is obvious through the repetition of 'Thank you'. ...read more.


It's a feature in our town. The horses in our town are skinnier than the goats. So if there are too many passengers we help to push the carriages up to the hotel. In our town the horses are only for show' He not only answers the questions proposed by Beatrice, but he expands on it in depth, informing the audience that he is chatty and speaks in a more casual tone. Furthermore the repetition of 'he laughs' by Miller sums up Rodolfo's personality - happy and confident. Additionally he is not ashamed to express his true feelings, which seems obvious to us when he responds to Eddie's description of economic opportunities in America. He says: 'How much? We hear of all kinds of figures. How much can we make? We work hard, we'll work all day, all night - ' Marco shows that he is desperate to make money, and he is almost dumfounded by the mention of money itself. ...read more.


However the audience is aware that these reasons are all a cover up for one thing - Eddie's incestuous feelings towards Catherine. As a result, he rejects anything said by Rodolfo and tries to divert attention towards himself, shown by Miller where 'he is coming more and more to address Marco only'. Rodolfo does not respond to this and continues to converse with Eddie, showing us that he is na�ve but yet friendly. Whereas Marco is formal and family orientated, Rodolfo is ostentatious and chooses to live the 'high life'. Whereas Beatrice is interested by this flamboyancy and Catherine is attracted to his confidence and romance, Eddie's own insecurities lead him to irrationally dislike Rodolfo, alongside the incestuous reason of jealousy of Catherine's attention. His 'male code of honour' is obeyed by Marco, whom as a result he respects, but disobeyed by Rodolfo, who sings, shows his emotions, gathers attention to himself but most importantly he gains the love of Catherine. Homework 'A View From The Bridge' Tuesday 18th November 2003 Ravi Dewji 11S ...read more.

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