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Discuss the importance and dramatic significance of Act 1 scene 5 in Romeo and Juliet.

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Discuss the importance and dramatic significance of Act 1 scene 5 in Romeo and Juliet In Act 1 scene 5 there us a significance that is not in any other scene because it is where the two main characters meet and fall in love. It is also important because it is where the tragedy is set up to happen. In the opening of Act 1 scene 5 the atmosphere is busy, as the servants get ready for the Capulet ball saying: "Away with the john stools, remove the court cupboard, look to the plate. Good thou, save me a piece of marchpane, and as tho loves me, let the porter let in Susan Grindstone and Nell. This is in contrast to the ending of the last scene where instead of the busy and happy atmosphere the audience would have been feeling a scene of foreboding from Romeo's premonition of his death. As Romeo enters the Capulet's party, Capulet welcomes his guests and bids them to dance, teasing the women that if they do not, he will proclaim that they have corns. This speech that Capulet gives has significance because it shows more of Lord Capulet's personality. ...read more.


Tybalt reacts like this because he believes Romeo to be there to, "A villain that is hither come in spite, to scorn at out solemnity this night" Lord Capulet, however when he realises that the stranger in his house is Romeo, a Montague, he does not let Tybalt make a fuss and spoil the evening. In his speeches, he is making polite small talk with his guests and at the same time turning aside and speaking quietly to Tybalt telling him to mind his own business, he does not want a fuss made in front of his guests. Tybalt is a very different character, fiery and quarrelsome, ready to fight at the least opportunity, 'I'll not endure him,' and is only just restrained by Capulet from challenging Romeo to a fight. It is obvious that his character is like this in the rest of the play. Tybalt's outburst also links to the reason why act 1 scene 5 is important. If Tybalt had not found out Romeo was at the party then most of the rest of the play would not of come out the way it did. The first time the two main characters meet; Shakespeare has their words in a sonnet. ...read more.


Zeffirelli gave a Shakespearian version of Romeo and Juliet with the costumes and setting and Music. However Luhrman did a modern version. Both versions picked out costumes for the characters to suit their personality in the play. For example in Luhrman's version Juliet is dressed as an angel to show her purity, furthermore in Zeffirelli's version Juliet was dress in a long red dress, which could show Juliet to symbolise love. I think the best version were the Luhrmans version. This is because I think the costumes in this version were more effective and meaningful than in Zeffirelli's version for example, Tybalt's costume was a devil, this was probably to show his angry character. Also Lord Capulet was dressed as a Roman leader, this may be because of Capulet's desire to get his own way. In conclusion act 1 is important because it is where the two main characters meet fall in love and sets up the tragedy. As it said in the last scene with Romeo's foreboding. And also during the scene, where Juliet also has a foreboding. Also in this scene there is a key point where Tybalt say he wants revenge. If he hadn't of been set on revenge because of Romeo's intrusion, then the rest of the play would not of happened the way it did. ...read more.

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