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Discuss The Role of Curley's Wife In The Novel "Of Mice And Men"

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In this novel, Curley's Wife's main function or purpose is her representation of one type of female in that time of American history. She seems to be the sort of person who is well calculated in her actions. She likes to make herself attractive by using make-up, when she wears shoes with red "Ostrich Feathers" she doesn't need to wear them on a dust ranch, but she does. She dreams of being a movie or "Talkie" star, she tells Lennie this, in a rare show of confidence. She is not a stereotype but I think that her character is quite predictable. In the video adaptation she seems to be friendly because of her appearance and the way in which she says words. When she doesn't want to be noticed, her physical presence is less noticed. ...read more.


An example of this is when she sneaks into the stable when Lennie, Candy and Crooks are there, and she listens to them. Throughout the whole novel she does not have name of her own, which she is called by. She is only referred to as Curley's Wife. This could suggest that she is the property of Curley. Or it could also back up the fact that she is like a ghost, because a ghost has no real identity. She could act mean, or deviously because she wants to make herself noticed more. She tells Lennie "I get awful lonely". This suggests that she wants someone to talk to her, or whom she can talk to. She is only described by people, with sentences like "She got the eye" and "a Tart". ...read more.


She also indirectly caused Lennie's death. Not intentionally, but she does. This could be a way of making the reader sympathise with her case, because Candy is angry at her for dying, and he doesn't stop to think that she is dead. Curley's Wife is the only woman who is mentioned on the ranch, so the men could think of her as pretty or appealing because they do not come into contact with any other women. This could encourage or strengthen her attitude. She thought that she could be a movie star and could still think that. This could be another factor that encourages her self-superiority complex. But she knows that. Because, she has no name she could be owned by Curley, this could explain her actions. It could be her way of expressing her anger. She is angry because, when she signed her marriage certificate, She didn't lose her individuality, but something worse, her identity. ...read more.

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