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Discuss the role of the Inspector in the play "An Inspector Calls".

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Discuss the role of the Inspector in the play "An Inspector Calls" The role of the inspector in the play "An Inspector Calls" is an enigma, because his role is puzzling. This is because no one knows why he is there or who he really is. At the beginning of the play it is thought he is a real inspector, finding out who is responsible for the death of Eva Smith. Although as the play progresses more clues are given that the Inspector is a fake. The Inspector also plays the main role of the play as he often introduces new story lines and each aspect of Eva Smith's life, almost playing the part of a narrator. These roles make him the plot mover of the play. His role is also very unusual, because at the start of the play the audience are led to believe he is a real inspector, but at the end it is revealed he isn't. When the inspector arrives at the Birling's house, the family appear to be a nice, high-class respectable family. The family are celebrating the engagement of their daughter, Sheila, to Gerald Croft. ...read more.


has happened, and wants to hear each of the characters stories and see if they feel guilty about what they have done. "She talked about herself?" He would ask, and Gerald would reply "Yes" and then go on to tell the Inspector more about his question. Through the Inspector's questioning we find out this new aspect of her life under a new name of Daisy Renton, which she may have done to forget the past. We also find out that Gerald had an affair with the girl during the previous summer. The Inspector lets Gerald leave, after he shows some signs of feeling upset over Eva Smith's death. When the Inspector moves on to question Mrs. Birling, she gets angry when he challenges what she says. "You're not telling the truth" The Inspector says to her. She gets angry by this because she feels she is a respectable woman and of a high class, and does not expect to be spoken to in a rude manner. This also shows that the Inspector already knows what has happened, because he knows that she is lying to him. ...read more.


The older generation then laugh and joke about the fact that there was no death, and fail to realise their actions will have terrible consequences while the younger generation remain horrified, even more so when the adults begin to laugh at the matter. The younger generation realise that what happened was real and they felt guilty that their actions could end with another person's death. At the end the family receive a phone call, informing them that a young girl has just committed suicide and a policeman is on his way, showing the fake inspector knew what had happened and came to warn the family that if they don't change their ways something terrible will happen. I think the name Inspector Goole was used because the character portrays a ghost from the future, because the word ghoul is also known as a ghost. In conclusion I feel the Inspector's role is puzzling, because no one knows who he really is by the end, and while he is at the Birling's house a girl has not committed suicide, but at the end a girl dies, because the older generation failed to feel remorse and they didn't change their ways by joking at the matter. Harry Naylor 10W ...read more.

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