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Discuss the Role that Alfieri Plays in the Narrative Structure and Exposition of Themes in "A View from the Bridge" By Arthur Miller.

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Discuss the Role that Alfieri Plays in the Narrative Structure and Exposition of Themes in "A View from the Bridge" By Arthur Miller Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge is a modern tragedy set in 1950's Brooklyn about a man's obsession with his niece, and what that obsession ultimately brings about. Eddie Carbone, a hard- working dockworker is the tragic hero of the piece who struggles with how he feels about his niece, Catherine. Miller manages identify and raise many themes concerning the people who lived in the area in which the play was set, themes such as family, justice, respect and death, themes that played a big part in society during that era. Alfieri is the narrator of the play; he is like a sort of Greek chorus in the sense that he divides the scenes with monologues, he also explains to the audience the themes and adds depth to the play. ...read more.


When Marco and Rodolfo first arrive they act very differently, Marco enters the house greets everyone and shows Eddie a lot of respect and thanks him, whereas Rodolfo does not show any gratitude toward Eddie at all. The stage instructions show that Eddie, whenever he asks a question about them, he goes to Marco and totally bypasses Rodolfo. Eddie shows hostility towards him from the very beginning, for example, when Rodolfo starts singing "Paper Doll," Eddie interrupts and warns him that by singing it could raise suspicion about them because singing is different and as Eddie says: "Because we never had no singers here...and all of a sudden there's a singer in the house, y'know what I mean?" Eddie begins to act differently, jealous that he is no longer getting all the attention in the house, instead, Rodolfo is getting all of the attention from the women, he doesn't like this so he stops him from singing and uses the excuse above to regain control of the household. ...read more.


On one hand, he could betray Marco and Rodolfo and go against every thing he stands for by telling immigration, but on the other he could leave things as the stand and sit back to watch Catherine get married to Rodolfo and push his feelings aside. It is because Eddie cannot push his feelings for "Katy" aside that he dies, whatever he did he could not let her grow up. As Alfieri said, he did love her too much in the wrong way. This play could have ended many ways without violence, for instance, if Eddie forgot about his incest feeling or if Marco could have forgiven Eddie and apologised when Eddie demanded for "his name," maybe the characters would have acted differently, but because they did not this play demonstrates many examples of betrayal, justice, honour, death and many other themes. Alfieri provides link between scenes and helps the audience understand Eddie and in a way the way he thinks. Mandeep Khatkar 10E ...read more.

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