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Discuss the statement with reference to the concept of 'sculptural drama' looking specifically at the characters of Tom & Amanda.

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By Catherine Ezekpo Williams's deeply humane awareness that, while individuals behaviour might seem cruel or selfish from the outside, it may become understandable or even sympathetic when one tries to appreciate circumstances from the individuals point of view Discuss the statement with reference to the concept of 'sculptural drama' looking specifically at the characters of Tom & Amanda The statement itself is quite complex; and alike the play it has to be carefully de-constructed in order to gain deeper understanding. It is evident from the outset that Williams uses different approach to present his production; he has strayed away from the 'plastic theatre' which he sees as tired and 'unrealistic'. Instead he opts for a unique blend of expressionism -surrealism that supposedly connects with you on both your conscious and subconscious level to reveal the 'truth'. Williams calls his drama a sculptural drama in which the main characters are presented as multi- defecated and three-dimensional l. ...read more.


We watch him addressing his mother with immense hostility on one occasion calling her an 'old witch' and even stating he 'how lucky dead people are' to be relieved from her 'rise and shines' However Williams manages to turn these impressions around, through his use of structure and Form. Tom the self-aware narrator who tells us his narrative in the form of his memory and alike the character Joe from Enduring love we have to read between the lines to gather the truth. It is from him we receive the social background and context of the play. Williams make us evermore aware of a memory with (possible embellishments') with his use of music, lighting and a screen device which may contradict what happening on the stage; but always highlight significant issues in the scene. For instance although we initially saw Amanda as a selfish and deluded after we are educated about her history we forced to sympathise. ...read more.


Can we really criticise Tom for being so moody? Even our impression of Laura the (foundation of the play) changes. We initially see her as a shy, disabled young woman who cannot fend for herself. However as the play progresses and we watch how Tom and Amanda are strangled by of Laura needy state, and we start to see her as manipulative and uncompromising force. To conclude Williams does manage to create multi-feacted characters through his innovative 'sculptural drama'. We constantly hit with the sense of nostalgia are forced to connect with the characters on a conscious and subconscious level. It can be said that the method works so successfully because we consciously watch Tom's memory meanwhile we equate what we are watching with society in on a subconscious level, which gives us a deeper understanding of not only the characters but also the whole play. ...read more.

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