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Discuss the Theme of Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

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Discuss the Theme of Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The theme of love is the main focal issue in "Romeo and Juliet". Shakespeare shows the aspects of love that are commonly ignored in average love stories through the characters of Romeo and Juliet. He is able to portray the anguish, despair and heartbreaks that are associated with love; he does this through murder, death and hatred. Shakespeare aims to portray love as eternal and unrequited through his use of idealistic language throughout the play. He uses the purity and innocence in the characters youth to get across their thoughts that their love will last forever. Shakespeare develops this further by using language that signifies purity. By doing this Shakespeare is able to put across that the love between Romeo and Juliet is pure. "I'll be new baptiz'd" and "Blessed moon I vow." The idea of purity is also continued through the religious imagery. Romeo starts with a sincere religious statement in Act 1 Sc 5 which helps Romeo to express his love for Juliet. ...read more.


He uses violence as a diversion from the fate that is beheld for the lovers but also he does it as an incentive to show violent ends. The violence is portrayed through the play as a form of overwhelming passion. This passion of love and the passion in the family's hatred for each other closely link love and death together. A good example of this would be the death of couple themselves. The love between Romeo and Juliet is so intense, equally so to that of the family's hatred for one another and their loyalties , that even life itself seems to bear no attraction without them being together. It is this passion that eventually kills the lovers. These images of death recur throughout the play. This helps to link the theme of love with the extremes. The images of death portray the love and hate scenario which runs through the play. It is Romeo's love for Juliet that prevents him to rise to Tybalts challenge and the same love that the other characters on the scene read as cowardliness. ...read more.


At the other extreme Lord and Lady Capulet see love merely as a financial transaction to do with securing and retaining wealth. "No less, nay bigger women grow by men." "The slip sir, the slip, can you not conceive." The comedy used in the pay by both Mercutio and the nurse ruin the innocence of the love. The theme of love is present throughout in this play and is constantly having obstacles thrown at it, almost as a way of testing it. Love is strongly used with the opposites. It is both destructive yet constructive, because despite that love is responsible for bringing Romeo and Juliet to their deaths it was also responsible for the reconciliation between the two feuding families. Romeo and Juliet stay true to their love throughout and they aim to be together at any cost, be that together on Earth or in heaven. Love is the dominant theme from start to finish despite Shakespeare's inclusion of murder and violence. These factors only make the love stronger. The love portrayed in and between Romeo and Juliet is deep and passionate and is more powerful than hatred and even death. ...read more.

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