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Discuss the ways in which Steinbeck explore how the concept of the American Dream is central to the novel 'Of mice and Men'

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Discuss the ways in which Steinbeck explore how the concept of the American Dream is central to the novel 'Of mice and Men' "We've got a future.... we gonna get a little place" 'Of Mice And Men' explores the ways in which both immigrants and Americans tried to conquer and obtain their goal in life, which in this case was to try and attain their own the American Dream. I will also explores ways in how the American Dream is central to the novel and how Steinbeck reflects the society at the time. In the early 1900's the object that determined the wealth of a family, the object that was mentioned in every conversation all over the world and the object that was every man's most wanted desire, was land. All around the world people heard that land was given away for free when you set foot on American soil. This became known as the American Dream. Many people would sell all their possessions just to buy a one way ticket to America in the hope of finding a piece of land, but they were misinformed. ...read more.


This shows us that he probably had a good childhood and maybe even attended school. That is probably the reason why he feels even more rejected by society. When he was small the other white children in his class probably did not know about inequality and therefore treated him as one of them, but now that he is older he is treated like an adult, therefore inequality is forced upon him. The American Dream turning into a nightmare was not the only problem faced by America at the time, there was also a cig problem with racism against the black people brought from Africa to work the American land as slaves a few hundred years before. People thought that they were dumb, filthy, insignificant creatures that had no right to say or do anything without permission, because of this they were separated in every way for example Black and white people where not allowed to use the same toilets, sit next to each other in busses or dine in the same restaurant. 'Racism was one of the biggest problems faced by America in the 1900's.' ...read more.


' Although the American Dream was a big hit during the time, not many people achieved it.'(www.google.com - America in the 1030's) We can see this in the novel by looking at Crooks, America only reached equality later in the 1900's, he was already an old man therefore he most probably not alive when equality was reached. Another example is Curley's wife, she was murdered by Lennie before she could escape her life with Curley and make a new start without him somewhere else. However, some people did achieve their American Dream even though 'they probably had an advantage like being wealthy, but this was in the minority.'(www.google.com - America in the 1030's) Steinbeck showed us an example of this through the ranch owner that owns Tyler's ranch having achieved his American Dream and therefore his son Curley has an advantage, already being wealthy and having piece of land. We can see that Steinbeck has researched problems during the time and different types of American Dreams. He then created a character to fit each example and then created a story around it. The reason why Steibeck wrote this book was probably to let people in America and all around the world more aware of the problems in America. As well as to warn other people not to immigrate to America. ...read more.

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