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Discuss the Ways In Which Two Poems In The Anthology Explore The Effects Of Untimely Death

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Discuss the Ways In Which Two Poems In The Anthology Explore The Effects Of Untimely Death Jack Wise When men went to war, there was every chance of them dying. But, their friends and family could never had prepared themselves for news of that person's death. Untimely death is a theme which is explored throughout the anthology in many ways, in particular, looking at the effects of the news of death upon loved ones. "The Seed-Merchant's Son" is a poem by Agnes Grozier Herbertson that conveys the bereavement that a man feels for his son who has died at war. This poem continuously emphasises the youth of the boy, which constantly reiterates the idea of untimely death, as the boy died before he could live a full life. ...read more.


of the young soldier had been told to his father and the shock and desperation that the man felt during that time. The man would have thought about his son who "had never before seen seed or sod". This line uses sibilance which has a threatening sound to it which could be interpreted as the fear that the young soldiers would all have to go through knowing that they might never again feel a sence of solace. By the end of this poem, the man has come to terms with the boy's death as although the man is sadened, he is very proud of his son for fighting for his country. The man murmurs "thank G-d, thank G-d", showing that he is proud of his son for the sacrifice he made. ...read more.


The irony is that although this brings about a feeling of pride within the mother and "so she goes proudly; to the strife" to mourn for "her hero son", "she does not know he lies in a deserter's grave". The author has written that "there was a man - don't mind his name". This generalisation shows that this set of circumstances ocured many times throughout the war, and the untimely death of so many young men brought about so much pain and anguish. From these two poems, we can see that untimely death has many different effects and consequences on different people; it can cause grief and sadness, pain and sorrow, or it can lead to pride and peace. Whatever the outcome, untimely death at war never leads to happiness. ...read more.

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