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Disorientated - creative writing.

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Disorientated My house is what you see when you leave yours, my house is the street. I've tried everything to get a new life- my wife doesn't accept me at home, every time I try to get a job, they immediately reject me, I guess I must be no-one. I'm twenty-three and I've ruined the rest of my life. I hardly remember the good times: my house, the feeling of love and respect, my two children. I can't even remember my face reflected in the mirror. My life had been fulfilling, full of pleasure and trust, until I started to drink. Some nights I remember going home drunk, eating a bit and then left home again for "the morning cognac." ...read more.


No worry about the water, I get that from the public toilets. How pathetic, I don't remember the taste of real water, but I can still taste the bitter taste of whiskey in my mouth. Sometimes images and memories struggle into my mind, but when I try to focus, they shatter and slowly fade. My life is just pointless. It's all simple routine. I wake up early- by the morning breeze clapping against cardboard sheets. I do what I can exploring every corner of the streets and with more detail into the rubbish. I'm ashamed Philosophers say that you get what you give. Now, I can prove that is true, but what about the second opportunity that God always gives us and that society won't accept? ...read more.


With this came the problems that I wouldn't want to face, so I just kept drinking. Problems became serious- I didn't want to see what was really in front of me. I'm confused; disorientated. I don't know what my next step will be. I don't know if I will end up in hospital again. I don't know if I will wake up tomorrow morning. My moods change like seconds. My emotions contradict each other. Even in dreams I see both of me fighting against each other: I have no clue what this means. I always feel cold, but I don't need a blanket. I need hot soup- a hug. That's the last opportunity I'm asking for, but nobody is interested in approaching me. That's the way things go. I embarrass them. ...read more.

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