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Do you agree in whole, or in part with selective education?

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´╗┐Do you agree in whole, or in part with selective education? Process by which an institution, or a program area within the institution, selects students for admission from an applicant pool, considering such factors as academic background, race, sex, or geographic origin. Due to this I partly believe in selective education. I believe that it is fair in selected education to pick someone on a factor due to their academic background by methods such as an induction test, this would also benefit the student as if they do not pass the induction test this will prove that they aren?t capable of keeping up with the other students which would leave the student feeling ?stupid? which may cause them to struggle with the workload and the pressure of keeping up the more naturally ?bright? students. I also strongly believe that an induction test at the age of 11 is a fair way to determine a child?s future academic ability as the people who succeed more in education are the ones with a better work ethic that shows at an early age. ...read more.


Although, selective education on academic ability also has its cons such as in some cases a student may not be showing it?s full academic ability at the age of a 11, when the induction test is, which would leave them not reaching their full ability later in school life when they are a head of the rest of their class mates and aren?t being challenged by the work. Also, as most private schools use selective education the student may be able to pass the induction test but may not be able to afford the tuition fees which would affect them greatly later on in life when they aren?t given the best possible opportunities due to such a variable factor. This is why there is a stereotypes that students from better areas are more academically advanced than people from worse areas as the ones from better areas attend to private schooling, all this proves is that people from better areas can afford the fees of private schooling, this stereotype is untrue as students from less well-off families may be academically advanced enough to attend private schools but they do not have the funding. ...read more.


Which is why I believe that the ?FFTD? targets are inaccurate as someone with a lower academic ability could have a higher target grade than someone who is academically smarter but lives in a ?bad? area due to living in a ?nice? area. In conclusion, due to the points I have mentioned above I believe in selective education in some parts. I believe that it is fair that students should be taught differently at different rates more specific to their academic ability as this would be less pressure to the student and would also bring out the best grades possible in the student for their ability. Although, I do not believe that people should be judged upon factors such as race, sex and geographic origin as these are factors that the student cannot prevent and they are also variable and have no connect what so ever on the students? academic ability. I don?t believe that someone shouldn?t get the best chances and opportunities in life that they are academically entitled to due to a factor that is not reflection on the student?s ability which is also unpreventable. ...read more.

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