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Do you think Willy Russell portrays Rita's metamorphosis to good dramatic effect?

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Do you think Willy Russell portrays Rita's metamorphosis to good dramatic effect? Willy Russell wrote "Educating Rita" in 1980. The play has many themes and ideas. Humour, character, setting and language. The play is about an English lecturer called Frank and his student-Rita. The play shows Rita's metamorphosis from what she once was, to what she then becomes. Rita changes into a complex and completely different person to what she once was. Willy Russell was born in Whiston, which is just outside Liverpool. Russell did not really care that much for school, and left when he was only 15 years of age. He then perused a career in hairdressing. It took him until he was in his twenties for him to realise he was in the wrong profession. And so he went back to school. This is all relevant to the play because this is the basic outline of the play- Willy Russell biased the play on his own life, Russell even set it in the same area "some where in the north." ...read more.


When they first met they were total strangers and didn't know anything about each other. When they first met Rita was searching for an education and asked Frank to be the man to give her one. Frank refused, as Rita didn't really seem like the girl who would be dedicated enough to get an A-level in English Literature, when Rita arrived in Franks office every other word out of her mouth was a swear word "really fucked". She then offers Frank a cigarette! Not something that is going to please your future tutor. But Rita was very determined and would not take no for an answer. She needed to get an education, as she was very bored of her dead-end hairdressing job. But because Rita is so very determined, Frank gives her the place in the university. Once they got talking they both found they were interested in each other's past and personal lives. They both compliment each other, this is a sign of flirting and you can tell they like each other. ...read more.


Rita uses a lot of slang. "y know, borin' " as she has a slight Liverpudlian accent. Frank talks in a 'posh' tone but without any noticeable accent. This shows just how different they are. Frank always talks as if he knows what he is talking about but sometimes he doesn't, but he doesn't. Through the play Rita's use of slang and use of swear words decreases, as she becomes more and more knowledgeable. And more and more like the girl she always dreamed of becoming. The main reasons why Willy Russell shows Rita's metamorphosis to good dramatic effect are because of four main themes, Setting, Character, Humour and Language. Without one of these themes the play would not be as successful. The play is very lifelike because Willy Russell kept it so close to his own life. That you cannot help but feel that apart of you is inside the play. I do like the play when it is acted out with feeling. With all the props and staging, the characters really come alive. October 2002 Jamie Cross ...read more.

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