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Does Macbeth Deserve His Fate?

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Does Macbeth Deserve His Fate? Macbeth was once a great man. He went from warrior-hero and saviour of Scotland "VALOUR'S MINION," to traitor, murderer and tyrant, "A DEAD BUTCHER" killed by Macduff. The important question is, how did it happen? Everybody loved Macbeth. "BRAVE MACBETH, WELL HE DESERVED THAT NAME," said the Captain. He was the bravest Scotland ever had; he was virtually a god of war, "BELLONA'S BRIDEGROOM," but he was also extremely kind, "TOO FULL OF THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS." However, when Malcolm is named heir to the throne everything seems to go drastically wrong. Macbeth now has "BLACK AND DEEP DESIRES." Lady Macbeth practically seduces him into doing wrong. "LET ME POUR MINE SPIRITS IN YOUR EARS." This wrong doing finally gets him beheaded by Macduff. On his killing adventure he murdered or was responsible for the deaths of five people himself, which included the King, and regicide was considered the worst crime of all. He also delegated the murders of Banquo, Fleance and Macdurff's family. ...read more.


"I'M AFRAID TO THINK ON WHAT I'VE DONE; LOOK ON'T AGAIN, I DARE NOT. He then wishes Duncan is alive again, "WAKE DUNCAN WITH THY KNOCKING, I WISH THOU COULDST." Macbeth regrets what he has done and he admits it. "MY WAY OF LIFE IS FALLEN INTO THE SERE,THE YELLOW LEAF." He also describes his life as a "BRIEF CANDLE." On the other hand you may argue yes. After Macbeth has committed the murder of Duncan and his two chamberlains, he fears for his own safety. He then delegates the murder of Banquo and his son Fleance, "TO MAKE THEM KINGS, THE SEEDS OF BANQUO KINGS, RATHER THAN SO, COME FATE INTO THE LIST." Macbeth also realises that he has the opportunity to become King. He loves the thought of power, he has "VAULTING AMBITION." What would you think would have happened if the supernatural influence had never taken place. The three witches just fooled around with Macbeth. They do not just cast a spell on him so that he can die straight away, but they place thoughts and ideas in his mind that prove to be a distraction to him and which make him do wrong. ...read more.


This is the cruellest of Lady Macbeth. She has her power and now she can plan everything out for Macbeth. "WHEN DUNCAN IS ASLEEP... SHOULD INVITE HIS TWO CHAMBERLAINS, WHILE I WINE AND WAISSOL SO CONVINCE... TH'UNGUARDED DUNCAN, HIS SPONGY OFFICERS, WHO SHALL BEAR THE GUIL OF OUR GREAT QUELL." After Lady Macbeth taunts and interrogates Macbeth, he is persuaded and immediately he commits a volte-face and goes along with the murder. If Lady Macbeth had not interrogated him, then would he have committed the crime? Throughout the early part of the play, Lady Macbeth is always more in control of 6the situation than Macbeth. If Macbeth had been acting alone and not have been influenced by supernatural forces or lady Macbeth, would he have committed the murders he did? My conclusion is No! Even if the witches were just tricking Macbeth, I firmly believe that he would still have murdered as he did, because Lady Macbeth had the final say in the matter. Three witches plus Lady Macbeth equal Evil, and Macbeth could not resist that evil, especially since he harboured "VAULTING AMBITION" and "BLACK AND DEEP DESIRES" himself. ...read more.

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