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"Don't take life so seriously, you'll never get out alive anyway,".

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Creative Writing 2 (Title Here) "Don't take life so seriously, you'll never get out alive anyway," this tall, handsome man, with short hair and deep brown eyes with the most beautiful eyelashes, said as I was picking up my photocopies from the machine. 'Who are you to tell me that' I thought to myself. I stared at the man as he walked away like he had done nothing wrong. I was dressed in my usual blue skirt, just above the knees, with a white, short sleeved, open-necked, blouse. My light brown hair was pinned-up with a hair grip and I had taken twenty minutes on my make up to make sure its was done precisely. I looked down to the floor, upset because of what this man had said and saw my chic pair of black high-heeled shoes. The man, Heath, who was well known to the women of the office, worked on the floor below me, which also meant he was lower in the hierarchy of the business than me. The office was fifty-four stories high and I was at floor forty-seven. I was very proud of this as I was only twenty-four years old and had worked my way up from the bottom. The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and I had not done much work, I had just sat at my desk thinking about the point this man had brought up. Although I was offended by what Heath had said, I couldn't help thinking if anyone else thought this too and, more so, if what he had said was true. ...read more.


Work is work, fine, but your life is meant to be fun too! Also he apologised. Obviously he knew he must have offended you." "Do you like him though?" Sarah asked, picking the conversation up a bit, for me. "In looks, you'd be stupid not to but, in personality, I don't really know him so I wouldn't know! All I do know is he doesn't take life too seriously." I said feeling dumb. "What about your date tonight, Carrie. Do you like him?" I asked, thinking it to be strange of her as she usually wont shut up about rich people being too "posh." "Well he's a nice man, yes." "With deep pockets!" Sarah interrupted. "That's not why I'm with him. I like him. He just happens to have deep pockets. I can't be blamed for that." Carrie said sarcastically. As we left the bathroom Sarah's fianc´┐Ż, Tim, decided that he wanted to leave. "Tuxedo Man," nicknamed by Sarah and I, offered to pay for all of us. After Sarah and Tim left, Carrie and her "Tuxedo Man" decided to leave too and left Heath and me alone to talk. We walked out of the restaurant and across the sparkling, frost-covered car park towards a bench, which looked across the skyline of the City. Heath brushed off the frost before I sat down and asked once more, "May I please join you?" with his tranquil voice and his sexy smile. "Of course," I replied, in what sounded to me, too eager a voice. He sat down close to me, but to me, not close enough. ...read more.


"Are you okay?" I asked. "Yes, I'm fine. Are you? You look tired." I was slightly confused as to if he might be imposing something. "I'm not too tired," I answered. "Were you up late then?" he asked. "No not really. I was out with a friend, Leon, until around twelve," I said, bewildered. "Who's Leon?" It wasn't until he said this that I understood what he was getting at. 'Does he think I'm cheating on him, just because I went out with another guy?' This was the first man I had ever met, able to put my head in a spin, more than once. I looked deep into his eyes and saw that he really believed I had been cheating on him, and what's more, he had the look of pain there also. "He's my best friend," I replied, which ended our conversation abruptly. Heath looked flustered after what I had said. He stood up from his chair and tucked it under the table. "I have to be somewhere," he lied. "I'll talk to you later." I didn't want our relationship to end like that. It had always been my dream to date a man, with a good personality and good looks. I stood up too and began to follow him. I caught up with him and pulled him around by his arm so he was facing me. "Let me speak." I ordered him, standing there with a surprised look on his face. "I have known you, properly, for two weeks and already you have began to influence a change, for the good, in me. I don't want our relationship ending that way." I said. Heath began talking but I interrupted. "A close friend once told me; don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive anyway." 1 Matthew Burton 4lb 18/01/03 ...read more.

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