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Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde I have been reading the book Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The book was written by Robert Louis Stevens on during in the 19th century. This book was written during a time where Victorian society had a lot of strong moral values. These codes were very strict and controlled every aspect of the Victorian lifestyle. People in these times believed to settle things verbally rather than aggression so fighting was looked down upon. People looked upon this kind of behavior as a sin and of course they looked down upon sins as well. The upper class Victorian society believed that everyone kept to this moral code that they had. People in this time believed that people with very high status were very moral and did not cause any sins. However, this book was also written during a time where there was a lot of hypocrisy around and people. The underbelly of this society showed what Victorian society was really like. ...read more.


Stevenson was also influenced by Charles Darwin's 'Origin of the species' theory. This is because Stevenson liked the idea of man once being ape like. This intrigued Stevenson a lot and seemed to make him want to write something that would also go against Victorian society and it's moral code. 'Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' heavily exercises Stevenson's theory of the duality of man and explores it in great depth. Evil is shown in almost every character, as people's real intensions are made clear. The theme of duality also works well with the theme of mystery, as one side of a person would be hidden away from society. Most of the characters in this book show both sides of their personality. The police officer Poole; when first introduced he seemed genuinely concerned and wanted to help with the investigation, but as we read on, we realise that all the Poole really wants to do is create a scandal. This also applies with the maid. This is all shown when we discover the murder of Carew. ...read more.


He feels as though the real Jekyll is the one that is the upper class gentleman that is well respected and is a very likeable guy, whereas in fact, the real Jekyll is the man who acted like a gentleman around colleagues and friends, but also liked to commit sins. The narrative structure of 'Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' is an interesting one. All accept the last two chapters are written in the third person, but are seen through the eyes of Utterson, and Enfield. The reason we see the story unfolding from their perspective, is because they are trustworthy people and we can trust their judgment. Also, Utterson is a detective, and the reader would want to solve the mystery along with him. The last two chapters are narratives by Lanyon and Jekyll. Lanyons' narrative is about his discovery of what happens to Jekyll and the horror he faced as he witnessed this which led to his death. This book has a lot of symbols and metaphors. Most of the symbols create a feeling of mystery; secrecy or that something is being hidden. This is shown in fog, doors curtains etc. This imagery is to give the impression of mystery. ...read more.

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