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'DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE' The novella 'Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde' was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in the Victorian era. The book was first published in 1886 in England and it brought high success to the author. The final chapter of the novella which is 'Henry Jekyll's Full Statement Of The Case' explores the ways that the author presents Victorian attitudes to the nature of humans. Stevenson explains to the reader that humans have lots of different sides to each other and not just one. He also explains how duplicitous humans are. "I stood already committed to a profound duplicity of life" Pg69 The text was written in the Victorian era which was around the 1800's. In those days the Victorian culture was very different to today's culture. They had strict moral codes to live under as middle class people. They argued that as Victorian values they should look after themselves and their family first and also they should not rely on outside help. Another Victorian value expected of them was to live a life without any sin. Even though the cultural context influences people, not every Victorian person obeyed the values outside the public. The Victorian people had paradoxical views because they would go out drinking and also the porn industry was famous out side public life. ...read more.


The genres of the novella are gothic horror and mystery. The genre mystery is used a lot in the text to increase tension and to excite the reader to keep on reading. A lot of mystery is used at the end of chapters to make the reader keep on reading. "What" he thought. "Henry Jekyll forge for a murderer!" And now his blood ran cold in his veins. Pg39 Elements of the horror genre are paradoxically written by Stevenson to add to the build up of tension to the story. Elements of the horror genre are created when Sir Danvers is murdered by Mr Hyde in a horrible way. The horror of the murder was described by a maid servant who witnessed it all from the top of her home by the window. She describes Mr Hyde as 'a very small gentleman'. This links back to what the others who too have seen Hyde as having a horrific appearance. Sir Danvers was brutally murdered by a cane that Hyde was carrying with him. 'bones were audibly shattered' Pg30 The diction used by Stevenson creates horror and it gives the reader a feeling of how devastating the murder was. In the final chapter Dr Jekyll explains all that he did why. ...read more.


He also explains how humans desire for small things like drugs which can ruin a person's life like Jekyll's. The social morals that are explained by Stevenson are those of good, evil and drugs. In my view these social morals are still relevant today because humans in today's society all have a good and evil side in them like Dr Jekyll did. The nurture of all humans is always different because one day you can be good and the other day you can be full of evil. In my opinion our upbringing doesn't mean we will be like that because what we learn form outside can influence our personality too. In Dr Jekyll's case he was brought up to be a Victorian gentleman but he didn't like the life of a Victorian gentleman as it was boring to him. So the change into Hyde that he had was his type of life as he got to do what he wanted to. Drugs in today's society are the same as Victorian time but it is commonly known to the public. Where as in Victorian days it was illegal to take drugs. 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' has a social moral to it which tells the reader how to behave in a society. Anshuman trile ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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