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Drama improvisation coursework: Crime

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Drama improvisation coursework: Crime We first discussed everything that came up to our mind about our topic of crime. We used brainstorming to help us, like this: We then had a closer look at plays about crime in Elizabethan times. Macbeth is a classic example of crime involving murdering. It is a story about Macbeth who was the Thane of Cawdor was being influenced by his wife and the witches to kill the King. He then became the King himself and killed many other people who wanted to stop him. Throughout the play, Shakespeare described clearly about how Macbeth's character changes, from gentle to ambitious, to the never-ending evil. ...read more.


In order to improve our performance, we did an exercise. We grouped all the Macbeths' on one side and all the Lady Macbeths' on the other. We went through the scene altogether. I think this helped us a lot because by doing that, I overcome some limitations of movement and sound. I was able to express myself more. The next thing we did was hot seating. We grouped all the Macbeths in one group and we took turns to become the hot seated Macbeth. In our group of Macbeths, some interesting questions were asked, for example: * Did you regret anything you did? * How does it feel when you kill someone? ...read more.


The effect of the crime on him was that, it turned him from a person with conscience to a person without. The next thing we did was an abstract interpretation of Lady Macbeth's feelings after the crime. In order to get more ideas, we did a thought tunnel exercise. One person which acts as Lady Macbeth walks slowly between two rows of students. As the character passes, we call out what we think the character is thinking. I got the chance to be Lady Macbeth and walked between the two rows. I think it was very effective because after I walked through it, I felt very guilty and it seemed that I had really done something wrong. By doing this, we gained more ideas for our abstract interpretation and it also gives us more in-depth feelings of Lady Macbeth's character. ...read more.

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