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Drama portfolio work - Blood brothers, review of personal performance.

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Drama department GCSE portfolio work Blood brothers (A02) In class we did various scenes 1. upper class father losing his job and telling the family 2. lower class father losing his job and telling the family 3. upper class mother is pregnant again 4. lower class mother is pregnant again In scenes 1 - 4 I worked with: Max who played my husband in both upper and lower class, Karis who played my daughter in both upper and lower class, Keith who played my son in both upper and lower class and Thomas who played a guest in upper-class and my son in lower-class. In scene 1 it is set at the dining table and we have a house guest and everyone is very well spoken and very polite. But the children were so good, they even showed the house guest around the house, while I spoke with my husband he told me he lost his job and I broke down and we then tied in scene 3 in the same scene, I then told him I was pregnant and he took it very well and said that he was delighted and we will get through the financial side of things quickly. We also tied in scene 2 and 4 together. This time my family were very rude and straight to the point there was no set place to have dinner, my elder son doing drugs at the box we call a table. ...read more.


Johnston. Mrs Johnston cannot afford to look after her children when she has twins, and was forced into giving one of them to Mrs Lyons Mickey and Eddie meet by chance and become best of friends then blood brothers. When Mrs Lyon finds that Eddie and Mickey have met she moves away. When Mickey moves to the countryside, he meets Eddie again. They grow up together and live happy until Mickey goes to prison for a crime his brother Sammy committed. He then becomes ill. Finally when two people meet and find out that they are twins they die. Is it the truth or just coincidence? The play took place on an open stage, with a large cyclorama screen that was placed at the back, which was lit with fairy lights to give the effects of city houses and factory lights. There were no curtains, and there was a small amount of floor space between the stage and the raised auditorium. Instead of the orchestra, playing at the front it was raised stage right hidden in the boxes, behind the stage set of flats. There were different doors on the stage, the ones on stage left were poor and battered leading into council houses; this is where the Johnston family lived, the doors on stage right was hidden but the ones shown were new posh doors maybe leading into mansions. To show the Lyons house they used flying scenery; one wall flat of a house to show a living/dinning room. ...read more.


Although the production is a brilliant one, I thought that the actors playing the characters of Mrs. Lyons and Mrs Johnston was not thought out enough and turned out to be characterless and bland. An example of this is when Mrs Lyons appears in Mrs Johnston's home and threatens her, the struggle between the two ended up to be a bit pathetic. The characters of Mickey and Linda were a lot better, they were exciting and competent, they also were able to show their characters development well through out the play. My favourite character in the play was Mickey. Mickey's character was the one that in my opinion was more developed, the one that stood out from the other main characters and the best acted. I also liked the way that his character gradually changed through out the play and not many actors can carry it out as well as he did. The change of Mickey's character was obvious during the play but the actors change was not. Apart from Mrs Lyon and Mrs Johnston, I believe the choice of cast was very well done. It is my favourite play, so far because it is filled with humour, Romance, attraction and physical humour. As a whole, I thought the audience really enjoyed the performance and I liked the way the director slipped in a few jokes. Along with the tears, this compelling and heart-wrenching story of the Liverpool working class mum, pressured into giving away one of her newborn twins at birth so that he can have a better life, also has warmth, tenderness, love and laughter ...read more.

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