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Dramatic Monologue

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Monologue Well my name is Tyler-May. Tyler May...see, I quite like my name, but for some people it tells them I'm some kinda butch girl who is really stocky with a super short haircut, that wears baggy t-shirts and umbro trackies, but heigh ho, I don't really care. Im 20, but I feel like im 14. Although I still talk like im 14 with all my "newarker" language, but I don't run around shouting some kinda nonsense but....i feel like I aint lived. I know im only twenty and I've got my whole life ahead of me....but as a teenager I had no trauma; my parents didn't die or I didn't nearly get ranover or anything. ...read more.


I wasn't really popular in my school years. Me and my friends were just them lot, we weren't the "plastics" the "emos" or the hardcore slags who had a different lad every night, we were just us. We weren't a posse that was hated, nor were we obsessed over. I didn't really bother with my schoolwork; I was quite clever naturally so I got complacent, and allowed that to carry my through; 2nd set in everything was good enough for me. I did make an effort at first, and I did do all my homework and coursework eventually, but then I never put 110% into it. I just couldn't be bothered. ...read more.


Im not using my interactive skills if you get me, I love having a good ode chat with others, and meeting new people. But I guess I can't do anything to change that now. I used to think that no one could tell me what to do, which they can't. But I'm in my job for the wrong reasons I guess. I did it because it was the easy option; my lifelong dream was to illustrate, but I couldn't be bothered, like I couldn't at school. Everyone has their dreams, and I will get there one day, just not today, and perhaps not tomorrow. I guess dreams are just there to escape realism, and be in your own world for a matter of seconds. I'm Tyler May; aged 20, but I feel like I'm 14. What more do you want to know? ...read more.

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