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During this essay I will be discussing the way old women are treated in these stories: " Invisible boy", "The darkness out there" and "More than just disease".

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Bhaktipriya Nayan Kapadia Prose Coursework I have been given a task of comparing three short stories from the anthology " Out of the darkness". During this essay I will be discussing the way old women are treated in these stories: " Invisible boy", "The darkness out there" and "More than just disease". Finally I will conclude with the most interesting story that I found, out of the three stories that I have read. An important thing to look at when studying a story, in my opinion, is the title. Titles of some stories give away the plots or endings, whereas others are completely abstract and thought provoking, providing no clue as to what the story will be about. I would say "More than just disease" is the best title out of the three stories I have read. They give away the story is about something about the disease that becomes "More than just disease" but nothing to spoil the plot or ending. The benefits the reader, who would be able to get more involved in the story as more of the plot unfolds. The three stories that I have read are short stories. The authors concentrate on one main character and one plot. I will now talk about the three old ladies' appearance in these three short stories. In the story "The darkness out there" the main character is Mrs.Rutter, and the plot of the story is Mrs. ...read more.


As for old lady's speeches they are quite different from Mrs.Rutter has many spells to say and her words are like a witch. Old lady is a quite convincing person, she doesn't give up to convince Charlie to open the door and come out. Her speeches are also very frightening to Charlie, as a little boy he would not understand as much as you or I would, so spells in my view are quite frightening for him. The author has created old lady as they want the reader to know that it can be very frightening for a young boy to be in a situation when an lady who wants to convince him by using magic powers that don't even exist. I would say that old lady is not believable because she is always acting out to show Charlie her spells don't work in the first place: "She always overdid or underdid her miracles, she mused angrily, never doing them exact, Devil take it!" This shows that old lady is not believable. As for Mrs.wan's speeches are quite different because she is well educated and also she understands. As a well educated person her speeches would effect in that way because she would be speaking in that educated way and the author has created Mrs.Wan's speeches to be like that as they are to show how it makes a difference when you are educated. ...read more.


Old lady is likeable partly by Charlie because of the fact that she pretends she could do and is liked for a while. She is not likeable partly because she leaves Charlie locked up and starving for two days. She does not have a good nature. The author's use of language effects on the way the author describes the relationship between old lady and Charlie and appears the picture in the readers mind. Where as Mrs. Wan's relationships with other characters are quite different, because she is quite distant with the other characters, she doesn't even know Michael's real name she calls him by the name "Benjamin": "And how are you this year Benjamin." Mrs. Wan is likeable because she helps Neil to deal with his disease. Finally I will talk about the e development in the stories. Mrs.Rutter's character moves the story from a bright side to a dark side. Her actions begin as friendly and then her relationships become cruel and cold. As we hear is the story leaving the German man to die she has seen a lot in her life: "He was pretty bad. He was kind of talking to himself." This proves that the authors has created the story to show the movement from darkness to Mrs. Rutter is partly stereotypical because of the way she looks and appears, otherwise she is not. As for old lady her character affects the story from dark to light. She is a lonely old lady who wants company: "To go home, she thought wearily." As for Mrs.Wan she develops in the story in a bright way. ...read more.

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