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EB White essay. People like his childrens book, such as Stuart Little, Charlottes Web and The Trumpet of the Swan.

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English: E.B. White Essay Alex Lau Y.6A (09) Even if you are shy, but you still can be a great writer. E.B. White is a good example. He was shy man, but a fantastic, great and famous writer. He was very creative and wrote a lot of stories. People like his children's book, such as "Stuart Little'', "Charlotte's Web" and "The Trumpet of the Swan". These three books are very famous and they had made to a Movie. E.B. White books can teach people moral, writing skills and grammar, which is the reason that people like to read his books. I hope people know more E.B. White in this article, please enjoy! E.B. White had an interesting and wonderful life. ...read more.


He published those stories as children's books in 1945. His first book was called "Stuart Little'', the second book called "Charlotte's Web" and the third book was called "The Trumpet of the Swan". These three books brought him a lot of fame. E.B White had done two different jobs. He published his first article in "New Yorker Magazine" in 1925. He gradually became the most important contributor to the "New Yorker Magazine" at a time when it was arguably the most important American literary magazine. In the 1930s, White turned his hand to children's fiction on behalf of a niece, Janice Hart White. ...read more.


Five years later White and his wife left "New Yorker Magazine" and moved to North Brooklin, Maine for rest of his life. "The Trumpet of the Swan" was published in 1970. The story about a Trumpeter Swan born without a voice and trying to overcome it by learning to play a trumpet, always trying to impress a beautiful pen named Serena. E.B. White was a fantastic, great and famous writer, who wrote a lot of story, magazine and newspaper. But his children's book is most famous, like "Stuart Little'', "Charlotte's Web" and "The Trumpet of the Swan" it make him well known. He kept his mind in wide and open, because of this reason, so it made him fantastic. Overall, E.B White was a creative and successful author. The End ...read more.

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