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'Eddie Carbone, like all tragic figures, is responsible for his own downfall.' Explain how Eddie's violent end comes about.

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'Eddie Carbone, like all tragic figures, is responsible for his own downfall.' Explain how Eddie's violent end comes about. Eddie is referred to as a tragic hero. Another example of a tragic hero is Oedipus. Oedipus left home at an early age, as the gods were displeased with his mother. She had performed sins in the eyes of the laws. Upon Oedipus' return his mother, without realising his true identity, fell desperately in love with him. After making love, Oedipus discovered the true nature of their relationship, and was so distraught he cut out his eyes. This is a classic example of a tragedy as it plainly shows Oedipus (the tragic hero) as an innocent victim being dragged in and being used as part of his mother's horrible punishment. The play tells the story of Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman who lives in Redhook, he lives with his wife Beatrice and niece Catherine. They all await the arrival of Beatrice's cousins, Marco and Rodolpho who are illegal immigrants from Italy. Marco and Rodolpho arrive and are warmly welcomed into the Carbone household. ...read more.


This sentence suggests that Eddie is going to die by using 'was' which is in the past tense. Life at home becomes very complicated after Marco and Rodolpho arrive. As Catherine and Rodolpho's love grows stronger the further away Eddie and Catherine's relationship falls apart. You can see the tension between Catherine and Eddie when Catherine says: " What're you got against him? He only blesses you." Also Beatrice says to Eddie: " He's a nice fella, hard workin, he's such a good lookin' fella" Isn't that what every father wants? For their daughter or at least niece to have a good looking, hard working boyfriend. Eddie will not agree to have Catherine and Rodolpho to have a relationship under his roof. At this point in the play noone can understand what Eddie has against the two lovers. My first impression about Eddie's feelings for Catherine was that he just didn't want to see Catherine all grown up and living independently. As Catherine is like a daughter to him this is understandable, but further into the play I got the impression that it wasn't just Eddie getting over-protective and that there was maybe a physical emotion involved. ...read more.


He was driven to such an action because of jealousy and pride. All he cared about was his self-gain and how everything had to revolve around him and his feelings, and that was his fatal flaw. He let his emotions get the better of him. I feel that Eddie's death wasn't avoidable. It could have been 'put on hold' but definitely not avoidable. I thought that the play could have ended differently by Eddie stabbing Marco and killing him and the realising what he has done in front of his family and takes his own life. Eddie had broken the Italian code and let everyone down, his friends, family and neighbours. Its not like he didn't know what the consequences would be. I think that his greatest weakness' was jealousy and his love for Catherine. " Eddie Carbone, like all tragic figures, is responsible for his own downfall" I feel that this statement is true. He is totally responsible for his death as he was willing to take someone's life just because of the hate he was feeling inside of him. He let his feelings get the better of him and in the end this is what killed him Hollie Kavanagh ...read more.

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