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Educating Rita - Select the three scenes you find the most powerful and poignant and explain why they are so powerful

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Educating Rita Essay- Select the three scenes you find the most powerful and poignant and explain why they are so powerful Introduction 'Educating Rita' is a play that raises many moral and social questions. The two characters involved are both very different from the class they are from to the way they speak. However they have much to teach each other and how they would both like to improve their lives. In Rita, there is a character driven by incompleteness, who struggles for the education she wants to take her out of the social class into which she has been born. Frank though, is the opposite. He is certainly not positive as Rita is and is dissatisfied, fed up with his life who finds solace in alcohol. In my essay I will be judging the three most powerful scenes in the play and what they represent as Rita becomes more educated, but for what is she educated? Act 1 Scene 7 In this scene we are shown a part of Rita which is hindering her ability to complete the course and preventing her goal of becoming educated, her husband, Denny: 'What does the words 'sorry' mean if its not an apology? When I told Denny that I was going to yours he went mad. We had a big fight about it' But his determination to prevent her from learning and eventually leaving the social class she is in makes her even more determined to finish the course towards the end of the scene. ...read more.


She sees how her mother feels the same way as she does and perhaps feels that by doing the course and becoming educated, she will make her mother proud and have a life her children would like to live. Act 2 Scene 3 This scene shows how the two character's lives resemble that of a pulley or seesaw. As one goes up, the other comes down. Rita's life is becoming better as she is becoming the educated woman she strives to be, leaving behind the life she has led for so long. However, Frank's life has slowly deteriorated over many years but increases as he sees Rita is less dependent on him and almost becomes desperate for her to stay: 'No-no-you must stay-erm...Watch this-sober? (He takes a huge breath and pulls himself together) Sober! Come on...' Frank is clearly in no state to take his tutorial with Rita but feels the need to attempt it, despite the fact the advice he offers is only pessimistic in Rita's opinion. This scene becomes the basis of the friendship of the two eventually falling apart as Rita is frustrated with Frank due to his lack of support and encouragement for her, while Frank feels Rita no longer has her own views and only goes upon what others have implemented in her mind. Rita reacts angrily to this when Frank says it to her: 'What d' y' mean be careful? ...read more.


She now thinks that one of those choices is Frank and whether he can offer her what she wants: Rita-'I've got a room full of books, I know what clothes to wear, what wine to buy, what play to see, what papers and books to read. I can do without you.' Frank- Is that all you wanted? Have you come all this way for so very, very little?' The choices she wants are now available to her in every aspect of life, this is why she feels she is educated. Frank on the other hand thinks that Rita has achieved very little and that she has little to choose from. He does not realise that the choices Rita values so highly are the same ones he has but Frank takes them for granted, much like in the earlier parts of the play in which Rita shows Frank the parts of his room he no longer notices or values. Conclusion There are more than just three scenes in this play that are powerful, some in different respects. This play carries the themes of social and education depravation throughout, whilst also showing the side of society we take for granted- choice. Rita has to battle to become part of the society Frank is in, while he is born into it and does not realise, until Rita shows him, the difficulty of the working classes. In this respect, it not only Rita who is educated, but also Frank. Much like the literary examples used in the play, 'Educating Rita' has much more to it than first assumed. ...read more.

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