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Edward the scissor hands

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Gothic Genre How does the media techniques employed in Tim Burton's film 'Edward Scissor hands' illustrate the Gothic genre? Genre How does the media techniques employed in Tim Burton's film 'Edward Scissor hands' illustrate the Gothic genre? Looking deep into the subject of media,Tim Burton uses 'Edward scissor hands to illustrate media techniques of Gothic genre by using effects of costume,lighting and sound.Together these create a gothic atmosphere in the story,introducing the audience to the main character and the story of Edward Scissorhands.The definition of the term 'Gothic Genre' means a type of film or an novel which involves a dark and mysterious background of horror and romance.In this case Tim Burton created a film involving all the influences form Gothic culture. Basically,the story is about an unfinished robot named Edward Scissor-hand, made by it's inventor and left unfinished,who was found in an old gothic mansion,castle ,living life alone and isolated ,but ...read more.


changed to white.On the other hand his facial expressions or makeup do not change which gave Edward an unusual characteristic's through out the crowd.Arranging Edwards cloths made a big change to his personal look of the Gothic style as a character but as the makeup or his body language did not change as he was a new person in the community which helped the character of Edward Scissorhand,were Tim Burton focused on to maintain Edwards unusual characteristic's through out the crowd. The camera angles used in the film are important because they effect the actions which occur in the film.As I was watching the film,I noticed that most of the time camera angles are adjusted to get the perfect view,which enable the viewer to understand the image and the setting clearer and in a better position.In the film this was shown as the story introduces to the town,where it uses high camera angle ...read more.


and Asynchronous (outside of the frame),these sound are combined togeather to create the gothic atmosphere.The music at the start of film truely had a gothic essence to it as the tunes create suspence within the viewers.The way Burton styled Edwads voice is very interesting in it's own way becacuse of the 'creepyness' and 'wierdness' it creates through out the whole film. Tim Burton focused on a different setting than in a normal Gothic Genre,as this film is layed out differently,comparing to the other films about Gothic Genre.The setting used features a standing out chcateristics mainly beacuse of the two different styles used, ike Edward's style is focued as Gothic but, on the other-hand the community shown in the film is compleatly differernt to Edward which makes Edward stand out and highlights him as a person. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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