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Elizabeth's letter to Jane

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Elizabeth's letter to Jane Hunsford Near Waterham Kent April 18th Dear Jane, I hope everything is fine in Hunsford all our sisters are fine and in good health I also hope you are in good health. I have some alarming news to tell you but before I continue it is best you sit down and be comfortable. I also am in good health but the alarming news id like to tell you is that I was proposed by someone we both are familiar to. I cannot believe that such a man with so much pride would ever propose to anyone in a lower standard the fact that I most hate was I had been proposed to by Mr Darcy I know that you may also find this news very alarming. ...read more.


Jane I am very sorry that I had to be the person to tell you this but I was no longer able to keep this secret in me any longer I know how you must feel after all this that has happened between you and Mr Bingley. When hearing such news I had a thumping headache and I had to excuse my self at Roings and thought it was for the best of my health. During this time, I was anticipating to be visited my Colnel FitzWilliam, but to my surprise it was Mr. Darcy. As Mr.Darcy walked in he looked very uneasy and walked around for a quite a time and suddenly I felt very uncomfortable in his company. ...read more.


Furthermore it was against my will and my principles on marriage, as my views on marriage are purely to marry for love. Surprisingly, Mr.Darcy took my rejection in an more appropriate manner and did not comment much after this he left leaving words of kindness. After he left, I had mixed feelings. I was glad to be proposed my some of a high standard but was upset by the insults he put across to me and my family. How I very much wish you were here to comfort me at this horrible time. I must end this letter quickly I hope to see you soon I hope you keep this letter just between us and finally I hope you stay in good health. Yours faithfully Miss Elizabeth Bennett Moinuddin Patel 11PR ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Jane Austen section.

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