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'Emma- Jane Austen. Remorseful fictional letter on actions at Box Hill picnic.'

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52 Brunswick Square Bloomsbury, 5045 London My dear Isabella, I hope this letter finds you and your darling family well. Papa has requested that I ask after little John and implores you refer him to Mr Perry, as the last we heard, he was in bed in a sickly condition. However, I feel I must confess the true intentions of my writing to you. I have been in a state of turmoil and reflection over my poorly judged actions the day before last. A party of eight comprising the companies of Mr Weston, his son Frank Churchill, the Elton's, Miss Bates, her niece Jane, Mr Knightley and myself ventured to Box Hill for a picnic lunch in a place so well spoken of. ...read more.


After she has contributed her opinion, Mrs Elton uncouthly departed with her husband dutifully following. The atmosphere was stunted by her usual pomposity and sudden exit but we disregarded her advice and proceeded with the novelty. As Miss Bates was about to attempt a contribution, I shamelessly, yet in mere jest exclaimed that there might be a difficulty in her being limited to only three things of dullness. Sister I daresay dear Miss Bates comprehended my meaning however she did appear uncomfortable and muttered to Mr Knightley some words of acknowledgement to the statement. After I had spoken, I felt ashamed that it was I who has said such a thing. I do believe that Mrs Elton's abruptness influenced my actions and I do not feel entirely to blame. ...read more.


Oh sister, it was most dreadful seeing Mr Knightley, my oldest and dearest friend in such a disappointed manner towards me. I cannot describe what complete remorse I felt as I left that day. I have found it difficult to set my mind to any form of activity as my thoughts linger but only on this. I feel I should apologise; it would certainly be a most self-degrading gesture, yet if I were to come across Mr Knightley on my way, he may see I am truly sorry and mean to repent my actions. I hope to regain the respect of Mr Knightley, which I presently feel uncertain of since our last conversation. Yours Sincerely, Emma ...read more.

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