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Emmett Till - The Civil Rights Movement.

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Emmett Till The murder of a fourteen year-old Chicago boy named Emmett Till sparked the fire that was the Civil Rights Movement. Prejudice still exists in the world today; but because of his death , many people that have heard about or know of it, have changed the way that they think, the way they live their lives, and what their outlook is on other races. Born in 1941 on the rough streets of Chicago, Illinois, Emmett Till had never experienced the extremes of racism or violence, his mother tried to keep him away from bad things. Mammie Till had told him stories and life experiences of racism. When Emmett decided to travel to Mississippi with his cousin, Wheeler, to visit his uncle Moses Wright in the summer of 1955, he thought that it was just going to be a regular trip, and that he would stay the summer helping out Moses on his farm. While waiting at the train station to leave for Mississippi, Emmett's mother Mammie gave him a stern warning about most people in the South, and that things were very different there then how they were in Chicago. ...read more.


Willie Reed, a Money resident and witness to the beating: I could hear all this beatin' and I could hear this beatin' and I could here this cryin' and cryin' and beatin', and I'm saying to myself, "They beatin' somebody up there." I heard that beatin' even, before I got to, even before I got to the barn. I passed, they still beatin', they still beatin'. I hear it. Milam came out. So when he said "Did you hear anything?" I saw him he had khaki pants on, had a green nylon shirt, and a .45 on his side. So I said, "Naw." I said, "I didn't hear anything," I said, "anything." Oudie Brown, Money resident and another witness to the beating: I was coming through there that mornin'. Too-Tight was out there washing the truck out. Out washing J.W Milam's truck out. I said, "What all that blood come from?" He laughed. The boy laughed. That's what he did. He said, "There's a shoe here. There's one of his shoes here." I said "Who!?" That's the way I said it. I say "Who?" "Emmett Till's shoe." Mammie was told about the disappearance and notified Chicago newspapers, in Money, Emmett's family told the sheriff and started searching for Emmett. ...read more.


50,000 people in Chicago saw Emmett's body, the black magazine "Jet" even had pictures for their readers to see; the whole nation knew about what had happened. Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam admitted to kidnapping Emmett, but said that they let him go afterwards. The trial of Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam on the murder of Emmett Till had begun. Too-Tight (in the quote on page 2) who was washing the blood off of Roy Bryant's truck, disappeared when the trial began. Black people in Money that knew about the murder, feared and kept quiet. Judge Curtis Swango called a number of men to the jury, all of them white, and all of them from Bryant and Milam's home county. Sheriff Strider greeted the black reporters with, "Hello niggers." The trial was a mockery, both of the men were acquitted of the murder. Not long after their acquittal, Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam sold their story of how they kidnapped and killed Emmett Till to "Look" magazine, and since they were acquitted, they couldn't be tried for the murder again. Exactly 100 days after the murder of Emmett Till, Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott began. This murder has impacted blacks in America greatly and the way that we are treated by others. ...read more.

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