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Enduring Love- Theme of Conflict

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Enduring Love- Theme of Conflict Conflict is defined as a struggle and a clash between characters when we think of it as a theme in Enduring Love. Ian McEwan especially manipulates it to contrast between diametrical characters and subjects. There is a conflict between the 3 major themes of the story: Science, art and religion. All the themes attempt to answer the question about love which so much is the majority of the relationship between Clarissa, Joe and Jed as a love triangle. The question is who is right? What is love? We are drawn into perspective of the establishment of Joe and Jed when they first meet each other: "rushing towards each other like lovers." At the same time there is a connection between them and a conflicting repellence. ...read more.


Joe cannot question Jed's belief in God, whether he is right or wrong : "Everything we do together, everything we are is in God's care". This conflicts his rationality; perhaps this conflict makes Joe obsessed about Jed that he cannot forget about him. Joe and Clarissa There is a contrasting conflict between Joe and Clarissa when their love is deteriorating because of the disturbance of Jed into their lives. "Muted anger, finely disseminated self-loathing, these were my elements, my colours." Although their love is still enduring Joe feels that he is disloyal to her "the thieving invader of her private space." Sometimes Joe needs Clarissa to help him: "It needed the skill of a literary critic like Clarissa to read between the lines of protesting love. ...read more.


"As soon as I took out the gun, I would be giving Parry permission to kill."- Joe does not use violence and this is not the perspective we are used to seeing Joe. Nevertheless Joe needed a gun to protect him and Clarissa, which conflicts his own sense of rationality again. Joe had acted to shoot Jed but was it right? From the narrative of Joe we believe that Jed is going to harm him or Clarissa, but rather Jed needed him to ask Joe of his forgiveness: "If you forgive me, God will too." Joe has conflicting diametrical views of Jed's religious belief after the shooting. "Such logic would have been inhuman." It is beyond Joe's rationality to rebuild back their emotions and their love after the incident, for it has changed their lives. ...read more.

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