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Enemy: Lost, Friend: found…forever

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Jessica Day 4/20/04 Mrs. Detmer Per. 4 Enemy: Lost, Friend: found...forever I looked up. I was astonished to see a familiar face with a very unfamiliar smile and voice. My jaw dropped, I was scared and trying to avoid her glare. What would make a predator walk away from its prey and make up its mind to not go in for the kill? I thought, perhaps the same thing had happened to her because today, she was another person; different as night and day. Let me take you back to when I was 12, so I can tell you how this whole thing started. It was the beginning of Young Women's Camp, and it was my first year to be invited. It was a church camp and I had come with all the girls from my town, Newbury Park. We shared the camp with other girls from Agoura and Westlake. The camp was beautiful! There were flowers everywhere and everything smelled of pine. We knew it would be a fun week out at Camp French. Why wouldn't it be? We were 1st years (yearlings), on our own, no parents, just girls, wanting to have some good clean fun. ...read more.


I began a tirade on her and continued to be stubborn and unyielding to her feelings. So she left crying, and she started telling everyone in camp I threatened her with a rock. So, now I get in trouble with the counselors for not turning the other cheek and talking back to her. It was now Thursday night and the next day we were supposed to break camp and go home, but at this time and some adults made up their minds to take Ali and Stephanie home because of their condition. We found out later Stephanie had a small case of hypothermia and Ali had influenza. Now I was alone and the counselors didn't want me in a tent alone too. They thought it might be healthy to put me in a tent with Danielle. They got the bright idea that if we were isolated from everyone else, we might be able to work out our differences. Naturally, the first thing I told her when we entered the tent was "Don't speak to me". She then made a remark like "Well, good. I have nothing to say to you anyway." ...read more.


We pulled a few pranks, sneaked hot chocolate from the mess hall in the middle of the night. And we made a pact that when we where 16 years old and came back to camp as the camp leaders we would not let the 1st levels we get to rule over have similar problems. In conclusion, I must say I never expected at the time that I would ever be a friend with Danielle. I thought she would always be a sworn enemy to me. If it wasn't for her change of heart and maturity, that I will admit I did not have at that time, who knows what would have happened? We would probably never be friends and still be angry at each other for something so stupid. Now we call each other all the time, we hang out on Saturdays and we go to dances together all the time. We are now planning our camp theme this year because now we are coming back as leaders. We want these girls to have everything we missed out on when we were their age we've planned this camp year since the day we first became real friends in the hopes that camp will no longer make enemies but eternal friends. ...read more.

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