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English Assessment - Dramatic Monologue

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English Assessment - Dramatic Monologue Jess Riggall - Mrs Dunn - 10.4 I before you today, am here to make unapparent the great deed that I did unto others, yourselves and myself in ensuring that justice was fulfilled in the courts earlier this day. Despite the plaintiff deciding to justly and incorrectly recognise me as an ass in front of the entire assembly. I am but many things, but an ass, is both but definitely not and but absolutely not, one of them. I ask for it to be discharged from the books of the holy court that I be once so lawfully referred to as an ass but wish for you all to forget not that I am an ass. ...read more.


so as to discontinue. My outstandingly disdignified watchmen brought the horribly dignified plaintiffs to me. Myself and partner Verges, were but presently taught all of the knowledge that my watchmen attained and rode off to act hastily. Secondly, we arrived disenorderedly by the side of the father of Hero, Leonato. Leonato was also in a unhurried hast and struck us as too disturbed to deal with something involving his daughter. Luckily, we were not predetected by this and marched up to the old chap to explain the predictamence. So pleased the poor soul was to hear our embellished explanations that he referred to I as tedious. To hear this generous complement outhanded, made I very proud indeed and to signify my thanks I bestowed any remaining tediousness on he who offered it to me... ...read more.


From the guilty men, I deciphered their names. I was vigitant and distracting. I triumphantly convinced the judge to share the same opinion as I, and predict the two plaintiffs as guilty. If it were not for mine questioning, the corrupt and villainous Sir Don John would not be fled this night. In opening, if it wasn't for I, positioning my watchmen to catch the now jailed plaintiffs before hastily riding to Leonato's to explain the situation and getting his approval to conduct a trial the outcomes of these recent events may be but quite different. I pray that I conducted the right means of investigation and stole the correct and unjust outcome. I shall and certainly should continue to perform, as the exceptional constable in this district. You should forget not, that I... am a tedious ass. Adieu, I beseech you... until the sun is to rise again. ...read more.

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