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English Coursework - Murder Mysteries.

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English Coursework. Murder Mysteries. Murder mysteries have a motive to start off the investigation. They also always have detectives, murder, an alibi, victims, weapons, evidence, a twist in the tale, and suspense. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. The location and the setting are some of main factors for murder mysteries. If a murder mystery doesn't contain any of these, it cannot be defined as a murder mystery. You could say that these are the backbone to this genre of story. Roald Dahl wrote Lamb to the Slaughter. It was first published in 1954. Lamb to the Slaughter is written in the speech of the time the story was published. In Lamb to the Slaughter the use of present day, modern language automatically gives the impression that it is written in this time of the century. Roald Dahl is more famous for writing children's stories. In his adult stories he always writes about ordinary people who get involved in difficult situations. Lamb to the Slaughter is more prominent as an adult's story. This story is a murder mystery and is one of the two short stories that I am going to investigate. The other short story, which I will be investigating, is The Speckled Band. ...read more.


He also had a cheetah and a baboon roaming his land, showing that he could not leave India behind. This demonstrates that it was written in the 19th century as in the middle of the 20th century he would not have been allowed to keep animals of this sort under his care, as they are not domesticated. Then from the story being quiet and conversational, it very quickly turns into a scene of action and murder. The last words of her sister were very confusing and puzzled everyone; which added mystery. This shows that the writer wanted people to appreciate the hard work that Sherlock put into his crime solving, because it shows that it is not as easy and that you have to dig a little deeper sometimes. Dr Grimesby Roylott then burst through the door and started shouting and threatening Holmes, he was never phased by any of this and responded quietly and politely to the raging shouts directed at him. In this time the police were not a very strong opposition to crime and Sherlock Holmes made them look like a group of clowns in a circus because he seemed to do what the police could not, and he did it with ease. ...read more.


and the other is a case of 'will the murderer be caught?' Lamb to the slaughter was probably the most well known of Dahl' s short stories, simply because (in my opinion) it is so simple. There is not a single wasted word in it. It is gripping, shocking, and yet the story proceeds in such a rational manner that the reader' s suspension of disbelief is never broken. We are with Mary Maloney from the first sentence of the story, and only at the end do we realize that we never really knew her at all. The irony of it all is that the police were puzzled about why they could not find the murder weapon and this was because they were consuming it. This was almost a comical twist to the ending. When she laughs it did not seem funny but more sinister and evil. Comparing The Speckled Band with Lamb to the Slaughter is easy to work out from the Speckled Band and more predictable. So if you are looking for a challenge The Speckled Band is the one to read because it is much more difficult language, but I think for the younger readers Lamb to the Slaughter would be better. The Speckled Band was much more complicated and had many more unexpected twists, and you were not sure what was going to happen next. By Ryan Sorhaindo ...read more.

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