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English Cwk personal and imaginative

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Train Craze Frosty and chilly, the icy wind pierced my flesh as I paced the vacant, sinister street. Clutching my handbag, I hurried to the underground, hoping to catch the midnight train. As the bright light of the station caught my view, the sight of a passer- by eased my anxieties and I took a sigh of relief. However, as I was stomping the stairs, the echoing sounds of my footsteps on the cold, empty granite platform established my primal fear. The infamously dangerous 'AM' train had hunted me down, and had begun the attack. The reputation of this train precedes it, the countless rape and murder headlines recurred in my mind. Despite its violent history, I saw no security present; the scene was set for another crime. I heard the words of my grandmother repeated themselves, "if it's after twelve, take a cab dear". Regretfully, grandma wasn't here to pay the faire, she knows I can't. I waited for twelve minutes in the cynically suspicious platform; I was alone, my body shivering from the cold as well as the fear. ...read more.


After my crucial examination of the plain cabin, I sat on the opposite row to the others. This decision came without question. I sat alone, my chin face down and my body muscles clenched, tight as a drum. My thoughts was shaken, images of the late mouse loomed in my mind. However, as reluctant to look up as I was, I could not help but notice on the opposite row, the large, over- perspiring man, staring at me. I looked back at him with a confused expression upon my face, he did not even blinked, his eyes were fixed upon me and my every movement. My heart dug through my body and slammed onto the floor. Again, all sounds around me went faint, and time moved slowly, my anxieties were building up once more. I was confused, my mind was pounded my questions, Why was he staring at me? Who was he? And, is he trying to tell me something? I refused to talk; instead I tiled my head further downwards, and kept solemnly still, silent, and suspicious. ...read more.


The train came firmly to a halt; it seems the icy wind had cooled the breaks, to their faulty performance. As the cabin recoiled due to the impact, the two men lost their grip on their seats. They hesitated slightly, and in that instant, the head of the girl shook uncontrollably. I was now frightened more than confused. Before I could say or do anything the large man grabbed my arm and dragged me through the opening doors. The platform was also empty as he dragged me further and further into the dark. His hand covered my mouth and muffled my desperate, agonising screams. My greatest fears with the 'AM' train were playing their part, and I was the puppet, being tortured at its hands. My fierce fighting helped in slowing his pace, but soon enough, his firm grip held me against the wall until the train was clearly out of sight. The panic- driven adrenalin had blinded my eyes. Disbelief as to what was happening was frequently crossing my mind, until I heard his voice. "I saved your life... twice. Those men murdered that women, suspending her from her dress, they hoped you wouldn't notice. If you had even spoken to them, they would have killed you, and after you, me." ...read more.

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