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Early morning and the meadow is bustling with life. Foxes merrily skip across the waves of green dewy grass,playfully chasing their inquisitive cubs whilst birds serenade the world. A rabbit timidly peers out from his abode, to be greeted by a drop of dew, falling onto his brow. The shock of this insignificant event creates panic, causing the frightened, furry little bundle to flee across the glistening meadow in terror, diving into a neighbouring burrow for sanctuary.The unexpected, terrified guest causes mayhem with the permanantly nervous occupants, sending them scurrying deeper underground . At the far corner of the land, a lonesome blackbird is bobbing around patches of hardened earth searching for a meal. She is hungry and tired, searching since day break with no luck. Suddenly, there's hope. She scampers over to the edge of the shimmering pond and buries her crown into the dismal looking earth. Once her head emmerges there is a sense of pride and accomplishment. ...read more.


She knows she will be repeating this search for food over and over until her young are fledgelings and leave the nest, able to fend for themselves. . Back at the tranquil pond, a fish comes up for a breath of life, and sends a ripple along the calm,mirror like surface. A lone frog crouches on a lily pad,croaking loudly for his mate, but hears no reply. A mother duck comes waddling down to the edge of the water, closely followed by her excited young ducklings keen to experience the joys of the shimmering expanse before them. This is an anxious time for their mother, this is the first time she has ventured down to the waters edge for them to embark on their maiden journey towards adulthood.She enters the glistening pond and nervously watches as they take their first steps into the cool,clear water. As it reaches their bodies, they dive out and embrace the unknown sensation gleefully, literally, ducks to water! ...read more.


The building is surrounded by a blanket of flowerbeds. They are a vision of beauty, with their array of colours from the deepest reds,warmest golds, delicate pinks, to the calmest blues and vibrant yellows As the gentle breeze creeps its way around the stems of each individual flower, a subtle whisper is just heard. They move against each other like a crowded throng going nowhere. The grass flourishes with an enviable absence of weeds,surrounding the cottage and spreads out across the meadow , only interrupted by the solid, circular slabs of concrete trailed from the front door to an overgrown footpath, leading to A river flows close to the edge of the meadow, winding its way past like a serpent. A family of snow white swans glide majestically past, taking in all around, as if surveying their kingdom, all appears to be in order as they continue down the gently flowing waters.By the banks, an otter and his young are frolicking in the shallows, so engrossed in play they are oblivious to the passing shimmering shoal, which they would usually devour in a heartbeat.Unaware of their lucky escape the fish swim on further downstream Night approaches. ...read more.

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