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English horror story

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The giant from a thriller We were stranded in the middle of no were, not the best start to mine and my twin brother Alfie's Christmas holidays. We were supposed to be in Scotland by now, but dad being dad didn't put enough petrol in the car therefor we had broken down in the middle of December on a deserted old road that seemed to go on forever. We had been walking for hours searching for help. Mum was furious at dad but he kept saying that it was an adventure, some adventure. As the night drew closer the sky become darker, and the air much colder, but still we carried on walking. Alfie wouldn't stop moaning that his feet were hurting, when suddenly he shouted, 'Look infront of us, theres a house' And sure enough there infront of us stood a huge house covered in ivy. As we drew closer it became clear that it was no ordinary house it was more like a castle. Standing at the big steel gate I could just make out a light switched on, on the top floor. As we stood looking at the castle it came across my mind that we shouldn't go in but I put it to the back of my mind and followed the others up the decaying brick path. ...read more.


We looked in the next room which seemed more like the rest of the house more 'dead', this room was a bit smaller then the previous one we had looked in but it still had a king sized bed in the middle of the room with an old dresser in the corner. It seemed to me that it hadn't been used as a bedroom in a long-time. We decided that we would all sleep in the king-sized bed as it was big enough for us all and mum and dad wanted us all to sleep in the same room. That night I barely slept and I don't think Alfie did either. I lay there with thoughts running through my head like 'What if it is haunted?' and 'What if someone does live here and they are annoyed when they see us?' All through the night I could hear loads of sounds like floorboards creeping but I put it down to the fact that it is a very old house. I eventually did get to sleep but I didn't sleep for long before the sun rose and our room was flooded with light from the huge window at the foot of our bed. Mum, dad and Alfie were still asleep, I was desperate for the toilet and didn't want to wake them so I crept out the room and went into the huge bathroom. ...read more.


'We don't have much time' I whispered to the others. The door was slightly ajar, I poked my head out to see if I could see the giant and as I did his huge body came around the corner. 'Oh no, he is coming' I said. I was convinced that we wouldn't get out of this castle alive. Just as the giant was approaching the door Dad said, 'Look over here, theres a trap door. Lets try it.' So we all bundled into this trap door, unsure of where we would end up but surely anything is better then being out there. As we entered the dark, dusty corridor we began making our way to the end. Feeling our way along. At the end of the door there was a door, we opened the door and the place flooded with light. We were back at the first flight of steps. Dad gave us the all clear to go down to the entrance hall as we did the footsteps faintly came back again. 'Quick!' mum said quietly. As I reached for the huge metal handle on the big wooden door I breathed a sigh of relief. We had made it, and as mum, dad, Alfie and I made our way quickly back up the decaying brick path I had never been so happy in my life. We were out, alive and together. By san ...read more.

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