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GCSE: Grace Nichols: Hurricane Hits England

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  • Peer Reviewed essays 1
  1. An Analysis of a favourite Grace Nichols Poem - Fear.

    In 'fear' there is a big culture clash and this is what Grace Nichols wants us to think about. The culture clash is the main theme running through this poem. In the first two lines of this poem - ' our culture rub skin' and 'against your own', we can see here that the technique used is enjambment. In these two lines we see the first signs of a tension felt by Grace Nichols between the two cultures. We know this because of several words, firstly 'our' here we can see that Grace is sectioning her culture off, to make it us against them.

    • Word count: 2514
  2. Discuss the issue of Cultural Identity in Grace Nichols Poetry.

    Through her personal background we come to a conclusion that the issue of culture is so important to Grace Nichols because of the sudden change in her culture when she moved to the UK and because all her childhood memories, family and friends are all in the Caribbean. 'Praise Song For My Mother', 'Fat Black Woman' and 'Tropical Death' link together and portray the fact that her culture is so important to her, through Grace Nichols use of language in these three poems.

    • Word count: 2043
  3. How does the poet use language, imagery and form to make their person expressive in the three chosen poems 'from other cultures and traditions'?

    She uses this with the 'mother tongue'. This shows that the language is not hers any longer, as she doesn't recognise it anymore. It's her mothers and because she does not own that particular tongue, she feels homesick because it was part of her life and is now removed. Imagery is another technique used by Sujata, and the words used can make the reader visualise the important symbolic images in the poem. Words like 'rot' make the reader visualise death or something decaying. On line four, where it reads 'if you had two tongues in your mouth', shows an image that these two tongues are fighting each other and that the 'mother tongue' is defeated.

    • Word count: 2599
  4. How Does Grace Nichols Create a sense of Cultural Identity through her poetry?

    Nichols wants to use this affect because the repetitive content relates to a child's attitude, which will then recall the memories Nichols had of her mother when she was a child. The repetitive nature of 'replenishing replenishing' also explicitly states and emphasises the point that her mother kept giving to her, which may also allow us to say what a good mother she was to Nichols. In the penultimate stanza of 'Praise Song For My Mother' there are different images used for many reasons.

    • Word count: 2739
  5. What Do You Find Interesting About The Work Of Grace Nichols?

    It shows how she wants society to change and become less bothered about size. The other two poems are about being away and missing home. 'Like A Beacon' is about Grace Nichols missing her home and the comforts that she used to have there. This poem shows that home is an important aspect of her life. She also seems to take it as an important part of other peoples lives too as the last poem 'Island Man' is about a man from the Caribbean who lives in London: he misses his home and dreams about being there.

    • Word count: 2682

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss The Similarities And Differences Between 'Billy Cart Hill' And 'Remembering Aunt Marie', Focusing On Language, Narrative Structure And Content.

    "In conclusion, despite the fact that both extracts are popular and high quality, I prefer Billy Cart Hill (by Clive James) to Remembering Aunt Marie (by Grace Nichols.) I like Billy Cart Hill because I feel more drawn towards his style of writing; I think this is because he uses a larger range of language skills such as similes, metaphors and hyperboles, while Remembering Aunt Marie uses straightforward language skills which are still enjoyable but not as exciting. My preference is also due to the narrative structure and content of the two extracts, - Billy Cart Hill goes almost straight into the main story whereas Remembering Aunt Marie takes a long time to set the scene very descriptively. Also, I think James has chosen to talk about an exciting subject, which I would rather read about, because although I can relate easily to Remembering Aunt Marie, I do not think she has chosen a very interesting topic to talk about. However, Billy Cart Hill does have some flaws, one of them being, that because he describes the poppies so carefully from the first paragraph, you know what's going to happen - the poppies get destroyed!"

  • Discuss the issue of Cultural Identity in Grace Nichols Poetry.

    "It is made clear that Grace Nichols is constantly in search for a sense of cultural identity through her poetry as she uses ambiguity and constant comparison of the UK and Caribbean to make the Caribbean lifestyle sound much more attractive, this is why I have come to a conclusion that she feels more comfortable in the Caribbean, this is made clear through her poetry as she is always giving us negative imagery of the UK and positive of the Caribbean. Sadia Rahman Mrs Wynne"

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