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GCSE: Grace Nichols: Hurricane Hits England

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  1. Comparing Hurricane Hits England and Blessing

    Blessing has four stanzas of medium length lines. The poem is laid out so that it carries on flowing; like water. Lots of devices attract you to the poem including: sibilance, alteration, personification, metaphors and onomatopoeia. These can appeal to the reader's five senses and add impact to keep the reader interested in the piece. There are lots of rhetorical questions in Hurricane Hits England, as if the narrator is asking or pleading to Huracan, Oya, Hattie and Shango (Gods of wind, thunder. Hattie: A famous Caribbean hurricane.

    • Word count: 858
  2. A Storm Story

    The sky burst setting down gigantic raindrops that pounded the roof and a roar of thunder that was angry and metallic shook me to my bones. Lightening flashed at every angle, like a fire works display gone wrong. The wind picked up speed and took with it what was carelessly left outside. Normally, hurricanes were another reason to stay home, but the fury of this one was something for the ages. The swaying trees were being damaged and uprooted, like casualties in a war.

    • Word count: 963
  3. WhatIs A Hurricane?

    The first stage in storm development begins in a long, narrow region of low pressure that occurs in ocean winds. These areas are called the trade winds. This area of low pressure eventually grows into a tropical depression . Winds there can reach up to 31 miles per hour. The next stage in hurricane development is when the tropical depression grows into a full fledged tropical storm with winds up to 74 miles per hour. The last stage is when it finally becomes a hurricane.

    • Word count: 1180
  4. What are Hurricanes?

    This 'eye' especially passes overhead after a hurricane roars ashore. The heavy rains and wind of the hurricane are suddenly followed by clear skies and almost an eerie calm. Within an hour or two, however, the 'eye' passes and the opposite side of the storm hits, bringing with it the destructive winds and flooding rains again. The size, or intensity of a storm depends on its wind speed. Hurricanes are graded according to their wind speed and the level of damage they cause.

    • Word count: 851
  5. An Analysis of a favourite Grace Nichols Poem - Fear.

    In 'fear' there is a big culture clash and this is what Grace Nichols wants us to think about. The culture clash is the main theme running through this poem. In the first two lines of this poem - ' our culture rub skin' and 'against your own', we can see here that the technique used is enjambment. In these two lines we see the first signs of a tension felt by Grace Nichols between the two cultures. We know this because of several words, firstly 'our' here we can see that Grace is sectioning her culture off, to make it us against them.

    • Word count: 2514
  6. Discuss The Similarities And Differences Between 'Billy Cart Hill' And 'Remembering Aunt Marie', Focusing On Language, Narrative Structure And Content.

    Alternatively, Nichols's story is of her strongly religious Aunt Marie, who Nichols persecuted by stealing her rosary, to see the effect it had on her Aunt. Nichols narrowly escapes getting into trouble by throwing the rosary down at Marie's feet as if God had put it there. Aunt Marie vows she will never come back to Nichols's mother's house - 'I am not coming back to your house. I am not coming back. Let the Virgin Mary be my witness.'

    • Word count: 928
  7. Discuss the issue of Cultural Identity in Grace Nichols Poetry.

    Through her personal background we come to a conclusion that the issue of culture is so important to Grace Nichols because of the sudden change in her culture when she moved to the UK and because all her childhood memories, family and friends are all in the Caribbean. 'Praise Song For My Mother', 'Fat Black Woman' and 'Tropical Death' link together and portray the fact that her culture is so important to her, through Grace Nichols use of language in these three poems.

    • Word count: 2043
  8. What is a Hurricane?

    The heated air expands and rises, creating an area of low-pressure air. The surrounding air moves in towards the lower pressure, and is made to spin by the Earth's rotation. Predicting hurricanes is not easy, but weather satellites enable forecasters to give a few days advance warning. Hurricanes can measure more than 2'000 km across the weather systems on Earth. Hurricanes don't stay in one place, but are pushed along by the prevailing winds at between 15 and 40 kph. As a result, they often move towards the land, where they can cause the most damage to the coastal regions.

    • Word count: 1494
  9. How has Grace Nichols created a sense of other cultures in her poems 'Fat Black Woman goes shopping', 'Tropical Death' and 'Praise Song for my mother'?

    This is because of the weather and the welcome she gets. The weather is described as being cold. The word cold has a double meaning. The first is that the weather is cold and the second meaning is the way people are treating her. If they are being cold they are being mean, bitter and unwelcoming. An example of this is the 'salesgals', 'and de pretty face salesgals exchanging slimming glances'. The salesgals are like the 'frozen thin mannequins'. Both are cold but for different reasons. The mannequins feel cold when they are touched, but the salesgals are cold in the way they act towards the fat black woman, making her feel unwelcome.

    • Word count: 1587
  10. Hurricane Gilbert.

    They also reported crop damages but only $200,000. They also had power outages in some towns. The storm then hit British and U.S. Virgin Islands. They had many power outages and flooding. Britsih Vigin Islands only reported some crop damage. Both returned to normal by tuesday. The storm then hit the Dominican Republic. Here the storm starts to become a bitter stronger almost to a hurricane. In the Dominican Republic five people were reported dead and over hundred families were left homeless. The storm now heads for Haiti. In Haiti ten people are dead and there is now a state of emergency across the southern peninsula.

    • Word count: 980
  11. How does the poet use language, imagery and form to make their person expressive in the three chosen poems 'from other cultures and traditions'?

    She uses this with the 'mother tongue'. This shows that the language is not hers any longer, as she doesn't recognise it anymore. It's her mothers and because she does not own that particular tongue, she feels homesick because it was part of her life and is now removed. Imagery is another technique used by Sujata, and the words used can make the reader visualise the important symbolic images in the poem. Words like 'rot' make the reader visualise death or something decaying. On line four, where it reads 'if you had two tongues in your mouth', shows an image that these two tongues are fighting each other and that the 'mother tongue' is defeated.

    • Word count: 2599
  12. In what ways is Grace Nichols Using an Individual, Characteristic Poetic Voice For Forest?

    There are only indefinite articles, which are words that actually have a meaning, also called lexical. Grace Nichols is once again confirmed as being from the Caribbean region by the Spanish links given in the poem. The word 'eldorado' meaning 'golden one' is a Spanish word. In history, the Spanish went to the Caribbean region in search of gold, and therefore the phrase 'caress of gold' could be a literal one thus again convincing me Grace Nichols is from the Caribbean. The first two lines of the poem are the chorus or refrain. This means it is repeated, like in music, in between the verses.

    • Word count: 1297
  13. An Analysis of a Favourite Grace Nichols Poem.

    She's obviously homesick, as she is not used to this culture that makes the poem have a depressing tone to it. I believe the writer is trying to express how simplistic the way she lived before she was brought into a different culture. Her life followed a regime that meant she didn't have to worry about anything and she could enjoy herself. But when she arrives into another culture, which is more complex and everything has to be thought through and has a consequence, she thinks it's strange and can't become accustomed to it.

    • Word count: 1504
  14. How Does Grace Nichols Create a sense of Cultural Identity through her poetry?

    Nichols wants to use this affect because the repetitive content relates to a child's attitude, which will then recall the memories Nichols had of her mother when she was a child. The repetitive nature of 'replenishing replenishing' also explicitly states and emphasises the point that her mother kept giving to her, which may also allow us to say what a good mother she was to Nichols. In the penultimate stanza of 'Praise Song For My Mother' there are different images used for many reasons.

    • Word count: 2739
  15. What is a Hurricane?

    This is called the "eye". As the uplift increases the stronger the winds get. Hurricanes rotate in a counter clockwise direction around an "eye" because of the rotation of the earth. Why are Coastal Regions most at risk from Hurricanes? When hurricanes move onto land, the heavy rain, strong winds and heavy waves can damage buildings, trees and cars. The heavy waves are called a storm surge. Coastal regions are most at risk from hurricanes for some reasons. Two of the reasons are storm surges and that the hurricane losses power on land. Storm surges are very dangerous and a major reason why you must stay away from the ocean during a hurricane warning or hurricane.

    • Word count: 1263
  16. "Back Home Contemplation" - Write about the ways in which the poems in this section are linked.

    She uses the idea of water to represent strength, protection and a necessity for life. This shows the reader the importance of this section to Nichols and also sets the scene for them, sharing the emotions in Nichols with the reader as if they were their own. Nichols also uses this extended image of water in the other poems of this section. "Childhood" refers to her childhood being "a watershed of sunlight" and once again shows the reader how Nichols uses this impression to convey to the reader her closeness to her origin in Guyana.

    • Word count: 1328
  17. Grace Nichols is a poet who has written poems about immigration.

    There also seems to be so many of them looking so similar that you cannot tell them apart. This is also how she sees the people in England are like. The words at the end, 'splendour' and 'snow' are also there to describe the two counties. These are the habitats that the two birds live in. The fact that they begin with the same letter gives the impression that they are directly comparable. In 'Wherever I Hang' Grace Nichols reveals in the poem that she felt so uncomfortable in England that the whole experience was almost fictitious. "I touching de walls to see if they real They solid to the seam" At first it sounds like her doubts about the authenticity of England have been put to rest.

    • Word count: 1255
  18. How does Grace Nichols express her relationship with the two cultures she belong to - South American and British.

    In Island Man the central theme is of longing for home. The poem reveals this message through the use of nature and the sea. These images are representatives of Guyana, with images of artificialness and ugliness which represents London for her. For example in Guyana there are "wild seagulls" and when talking about London she says "wild metallic soar". The central theme in Like A Beacon is also longing for home, and this can be compared to Island Man because they both have the same theme. The central images in this poem are food and the beacon which can represent many things such as warmth, hope, light at the end of

    • Word count: 1004
  19. Explore the feelings that the two poems express about living in England with their roots in another culture - 'Presents from my aunts in Pakistan' and 'Hurricane Hits England'

    She feels that she could never be as beautiful as these clothes because she could never fit in with life in Pakistan even though there is a certain thing inside the girl that longs to be part of Pakistan. 'I longed for denim and corduroy' The poet describes how much the girl wants to be normal, but she still appreciates the glamour the clothes offer. The clothes, to a certain extent are like wearing a costume and the girl feels that she couldn't wear them in pride, as she should.

    • Word count: 1838
  20. Many of the poems in the Anthology are concerned with origins. The poets explore and consider these cultural identities in their poems. Write about their point of view - Blessing - Presents from my aunt in Pakistan - Ogun - Hurricane hits England.

    express what it is like to be without water, and longer stanzas (with flowing sentences) show what it is like suddenly to have water. The poet uses alliteration in this poem like pod/god and ground/found/around. The poem opens with a striking image of dryness: The skin cracks like a pod. When the water appears, the poet uses word like rush, burst, crash, flow and roar. The sound of a drip of water is described in a metaphor as the voice of a kindly god, while water itself is referred to as fortune, as silver, and as the blessing.

    • Word count: 1968
  21. The most successful poet amongst students within the Sheffield College.

    This is an extremely well written piece which covers issues, both of the oppression of women and of blacks. The poet uses a vast vocabulary of words to describe in detail how this woman is feeling both emotionally and physically. She uses comparisons, for instance, she compares her child with a curled bean. This captures the reader's imagination, as they are able to create a mental picture. She describes and compares her physical appearance, 'belly an arc of black moon'.

    • Word count: 1066
  22. Essay based on the poems "Blessings", "Hurricane Hits England" and "Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan"

    the woman finds it strange that a kind of tropical storm should hit England; it is very unusual. "What is the meaning of old tongues reaping havoc in new places?" the woman doesn't understand why the "old tongues" that she left behind should reap "havoc in a new place." "The blinding illumination, even as you short-circuit us into further darkness." The woman is confused because there is a lot of light and she knows the out come, "darkness" "What is the meaning of trees falling heavy as whales their crusted roots their cratered graves?" The woman wants to know why.

    • Word count: 1809
  23. In this essay I will be discussing the poems 'presents from my aunts in Pakistan' written by Moniza Alvi, and 'hurricane hits England' written by Grace Nichols.

    Moniza Alvi at the present time teaches and lives in a school in south London The poem 'presents from aunts in Pakistan' is about a Muslim family living in England, receiving presents from their aunts back in Pakistan. It's about how the writer Moniza Alvi receives a salweer kameez which is a suit, and how her parents received jewelry. Moniza also shows signs of jealously in the poem as she is saying how she could never be as beautiful as the clothes that were sent to her. "I tried each satin - silken top was alien in the sitting room.

    • Word count: 642
  24. Hurricane Floyd

    Several states had numerous counties declared disaster areas. Flooding caused major problems across the region, and at least 54 deaths have been reported. Near its eye, Floyd's winds raged at 130 miles per hour, earning it a Category 3 rating from meteorologists (Category 5 is the most severe, with winds greater than 155 mph). Yet, this was no ordinary Category 3 storm. Almost twice the size of typical Atlantic hurricanes, Floyd was some 580 miles (933 km) across and packed tropical storm-force winds (40 to 73 mph)

    • Word count: 1047
  25. Grace Nichols grew up in Guyana in the Caribbean. She now lives in England.

    The poem begins in the third person - a suggestion of distance - a lack of connection? Note the image of a ship in this metaphor Ghosts of her people's past? Huracan = the Mayan god of storms - Oya = Yoruban goddess of wind and change Shango = Yoruban god of thunder and lightning Hattie = the name given by the meteorologists to a very destructive storm of 1961 in the Caribbean Talk to me Huracan Talk to me Oya Talk to me Shango And Hattie, My sweeping, back-home cousin.

    • Word count: 1213

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