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GCSE: Love Poetry

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  1. Comparing Poems "First Love, Amen and Porphyrias Lover"

    Still in the first stanza, he describes how the sighed of this woman froze him in his tracks. His muscles tensed, and his face lost colour. "My face turned pale as deadly pale, my legs refused to walk away." Love drew him to a stop. In a way, that's what I think the poet is trying to do. He's trying to draw a picture of the uncomfortable feelings etc. I also think he's done a good job. In the second stanza, it explains what happened after he looked away. He described it as he could not see anything, as the love had covered his eyes.

    • Word count: 892
  2. . How do the poets convey their attitudes toward love and loss in the poems ' a woman to her lover' 'first love' 'remember' and ' when we two parted'?

    She also gives out a feeling that if the relationship were as what she described she would be wasting her life, and tries to give out women's point of view to these types of situations. She seems quite certain of what she wants in life and this does not seem to be it, ' if that be what you ask, O Lover I refuse you!'And her point is to prove that if that was the man's view of the relationship, that it would not be possible to commit to that.

    • Word count: 2076
  3. Discuss the Themes of Love in Romantic and Victorian

    The most obvious difference between the five poems is that theme of love itself varies within each one. Shakespeare describes his love as eternal, unlike the summer, which is how he describes his love, which is similar to Browning's theme of love. She describes her love as immortal through the line, "...and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death." In this way her theme also differs from that of Shakespeare's because she implies that her love will last after death; that when she leaves this world and all earthly restrictions are undone she may love him as purely as the love of the saints.

    • Word count: 1203
  4. Allende foreshadows the upcoming revolutionarytransformation within the government of the country (probably Chile

    Ominous mood is given off in from this setting, and unfortunate events are foreshadowed. Power: Power of Esteban Trueba: Allende implies and emphasizes indirectly Senator Esteban's political and influential power subtly through the actions of his granddaughter Alba. During the occupation of the university, Esteban Garcia, upon hearing "orders from the mouth of a civilian [(Alba)]", is "tempted to take [her] to the stockade and leave her there to rot in a cell, bathed in her own blood, until she got down on her knees and begged him." His profession as a policeman, however, reminds Esteban that "there are men more powerful than he and that he [can] not afford the luxury of acting with impunity" (p.325).

    • Word count: 1000
  5. Compare and Contrast theIdeas and Techniques of the Poets in the some of the Love Poems we have Studied

    Whilst in "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" the man speaking is trying to persuade the woman being apart from each other will not break them up. In both poems Donne uses very strong imagery as a persuasive technique. For example there is a very good and strong in "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning". Donne uses a compass to define the woman and the man moving away from each other. He uses the idea of the compass by making his lover the pointed end that stays in the same place and him being the end that has the lead attached which moves back and forth.

    • Word count: 1498
  6. "By a close analysis of at least two poems, examine the way people cope with death and describe the different emotional reaction they experience. Show how the different poets convey these emotions to us."

    Throughout the poem the writer's request are bizarre and impossible to actually take place. The requests is what the person grieving wants to happen, he/she wants all the clocks to stop, for dogs to stop barking... It shows respect for the deceased person. It shows how much the deceased means to the mourner. It is obvious that the person was close to the dead person. If W. H Auden was writing this poem for an actual person that he knew then perhaps the person who had died was more than just a friend, maybe in love with him?

    • Word count: 1011
  7. Compare Poem 1 "The Weeding Gang" by C.E.J Ramchariter-Lalla and Poem 2 "They Walked and Talked" by C. Uche Okeke

    poem is set in a poor part of the world because they are using cutlasses which they wouldn't be using in a developed country, and possibly it might have been in Africa because of the words, "Kheesaz and boojhowals" and also the poets name "C.E.J. Ramcharitar-Lalla". I think that the second poem is also set in Africa because of the phrase "swept like a great Saharan wind", and the Sahara is in Africa, also they have "baskets on their heads" and they have walked a long journey -modern transport is used to travel in the developed world.

    • Word count: 948
  8. Whole lotta love - Led Zeppelin

    Throughout the song various different fills are generally to be made of 16th notes and played in groups of 6. Throughout the song the drum beat varies and involves some irregular timing. In the instrumental interlude of the song congas are also overdubbed into the song Vocal: Throughout the song there is a question and answer pattern between the vocals and the guitar when the line "Wanna whole lotta love" is sung.

    • Word count: 559
  9. Compare and contrast "Recognition" and "Moments of Grace" by Carol Ann Duffy.

    You get heavier as you get older, and physically and psychologically she feels dragged down by her burdens. The 'powder' and it 'flaking off' is her trying to conceal something, and the 'flaking' is an inevitable process of time. 'I love him, through habit, but the proof has evaporated' suggests that the passion and intensity in her life has gone, and the love has matured into nothing more than a routine. The proof that she mentions suggests a sexual and physical dimension.

    • Word count: 1338
  10. Compare the ways poets have written about love, bringing out different aspects of the theme

    This is a reference to his lost love. The rhyme scheme of 'The Voice' is the first and third lines rhyme, and the second and fourth lines rhyme (AB, AB, CD, CD, EF, EF). This rhyme scheme shows that it has a definite structure so therefore it is a conventional poem. Although the essence of the poem is different to the other poems there are some similarities in the way the poem is constructed. For instance the rhyme scheme in this poem is very similar to 'The Beggar Woman' and 'Neutral Tones', as they are also what we call conventional poems as they follow a regular rhyme pattern.

    • Word count: 2366
  11. Discuss the ways in which Poets make use of form and language to present their views on love and marriage.

    She seems as if she is having an argument, as she ends the first and second stanza with exclamation marks. She also uses Imagery 'Do you want to vanquish me?' it is like a battle is taking place. Walsh repeats ' I refuse you' twice. In a way it seems like Christina Walsh is being a little stubborn, or maybe she is trying to get the point through that, she wants her marriage to be an equal one, not were there is a dominant male does the ordering about, and a little meek female who does what the male says.

    • Word count: 966
  12. How does Shakespeare explore the theme of love in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

    She disobeys his commands. Shakespeare uses images to reflect Athens, and to magnify and to solidify Lysander and Hermia's love for each other, which is strong and cannot be broken, without the use of magic. 'Withering on a virgin thorn, grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness'. Shakespeare uses the symbol of rose to reflect the oppressive tradition of Athens. There is a contrast between the nobility and the working class. Theseus, the Duke, speaks in a sophisticated way, 'now, fair Hyppolyta, our nuptial hour draws on apace'.

    • Word count: 1154
  13. Biography of Christina Rossetti

    Christina also thought she would become a governess but her health would not allow it. Her mother started a day-school where Christina helped when she could. In 1848, James Collinson, a painter of her brother's group of artists, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, proposed marriage to Christina. She turned him down because he had recently converted to Catholicism. He reverted to Anglicanism and proposed again, she agreed. Two years later he again became Catholic and she broke off the engagement. When she was 17, her grandfather Polidori, printed some of Christina's poems on his private printing press.

    • Word count: 1585
  14. 'The falling man' by Rodin

    Rodin being an impressionist created the sculpture in true human form. The audience can feel the passion, love, and true happiness as the two embrace in their first kiss. Knowing their story, we can see the fragility of love, in that once love is found it can easily be lost. The passionate love of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta was a theme which Rodin used to inspire The Kiss.

    • Word count: 481
  15. . The poems are 'Neutral Tones' by Thomas Hardy and 'One Flesh' by Elizabeth Jennings.

    The first line of the first stanza is significant, 'We stood by a pond that winter day', the deliberate use of the word 'winter' sets the scene in the way it tells us the time in the year and the mood, cold, chilly, dead. This first stanza uses alliteration in the sibilant 's', 'starving sod' which also are hard words. The second stanza suggests that there were arguments in the relationship 'your eyes on me were eyes that rove' and 'words played between us to and fro'. It also suggests that the relationship had lost its flair, 'over tedious riddles'.

    • Word count: 845
  16. In my essay I will be analysing a choice of four poems out of a selection of poems. These four poems are connected by the theme of love. The poems that I will be using are called, "A women to her lover," the author is Christina Walsh and the theme is e...

    this is saying that with having to marry in secret she was questioning her love for Robert because she didn't want to hurt her father. Also that she still married Robert, and this shows her love for Robert. I could not find information on any of the other poets but I do not need this information because it doesn't detract from having an understanding of the poems. "First love" is a straightforward title stating the poem is about the poet's first love.

    • Word count: 2154
  17. Dave Stevens

    Otherwise 'love is not love', or you will not experience love at its most true. These first two lines show that Shakespeare will go on to explore the idea of faithful or true love and also the obstacles of marriage. In the next two lines of the poem Shakespeare looks at the possibility of somebody falling out of love with their partner. Which alters when alteration finds Or bends with the remover to remove These lines ask if you should you continue to love your partner if their feelings change. This continues Shakespeare's idea of being faithful and then continues to think about the other person.

    • Word count: 771
  18. Romeo and Juliet.

    I knew that I was in love with Ryan when I realized that I couldn't stand the thought of being without him. His imperfections suddenly became all of the things that made him so perfect and beautiful to me. When I look into his eyes, I have a sense of safety and security, one that I not only have never felt before, but also that I have never even thought possible. There is nothing I couldn't forgive him for, because I know he would never do something with intent to hurt my feelings.

    • Word count: 777
  19. Love poetry

    Elizabeth Barrett (1806-1861), the poet of "How do I love thee" was born in England and lived in Herefordshire. She was highly intelligent, determined and dedicated to becoming a poet. She wrote poetry from her earliest years, but at the age of twenty she began to interest wider literary circles. Her marriage to Robert browning gave her a greater boost to continue molding more beautiful love sonnets, one of the most famous being," how do I love thee." she had a beautiful lasting marriage and based most of her love poems on her own love. This poem is about deeply analyzing how a woman loves her husband.

    • Word count: 1081
  20. The contrasting manner in which love and passion is expressed by Tita and Gertrudis for their lovers in Like Water For Chocolate

    This embodies Tita's growing awareness of her sexuality. The tragedy lies in the fact that although she is able to get her favorite dish, she is unable to get her lover. Even on the first day she met Pedro this dish was prepared; this therefore strengthens the link between the dish and her lover. On the same day, music plays a significant role in the scene. When Tita feels Pedro's eyes, she understands "how dough feels when it is plunged into boiling oil...her face, her stomach, her heart, her breasts, like batter, and unable to endure his gaze she lowered her eyes..."1 While she feels all this, Gertrudis was playing the waltz "The Eyes of Youth".

    • Word count: 1555
  21. With Particular focus on content, language and structure examining the similarities and differences that exist between Love's Farewell by Michael Drayton and the Chilterns by Rupert Brooke.

    Rupert Brooke is known as a war poet. Brooke had a lot of relationships which did not work out, this suggests Brooke is experienced when it comes to relationships. On closer examination of "Love's Farewell" Drayton starts with a negative tone on the very first line. The quote "let us kiss and part" indicates to us straight away that the relationship is coming to an end. When Drayton says "I am glad, yea, glad with all my heart" this tells us that he is glad to be braking up with his lover.

    • Word count: 2489
  22. Explain how the theme of love is presented in 'Mariana' and 'The despairing lover'.

    This is a refrain at the end of each verse and changes slightly throughout the poem. This gives the effect of sympathy to the reader and also emphasises her weariness. The mood of the poem is very depressing, sad and lonely. The environment around Mariana reflects the mood quite dramatically and pathetic fallacy is used. Lines such as "The broken sheds look'd sad and strange" and "Unlifted was the clinking latch" show how this is used and shows how the house and its surroundings are as sad as Mariana. Also, Mariana's actions influence the poems atmosphere.

    • Word count: 806
  23. Write a comparative essay exploring the poet's attitude to love and how it is conveyed.

    He does this by using sentences such as 'the trees and bushes around the place' he then tells us the effect that love causes, 'seemed midnight at noonday' the author does this throughout the poem; 'stole my heart away complete,' and 'then blood rushed to my face and took my sight quite away.' However in 'A red, red rose' this is different, the three lines; 'till a' the seas gang dry,' 'the rocks melt wi' the sun' and 'sands o'life shall run.'

    • Word count: 1175
  24. Compare the ways that the theme of family relationships are explored in the three poems

    In the first line, Patten states the obvious: "In school I learned that one and one make two". The poet is saying that as a child, you learn the basic rules of love: that one person and another make up a relationship. However, he then says: "Parental hate is where I learned that one and one stayed one". He is remarking that his observation at home, surrounded by "parental hate", was that his parents had not become a couple; they remained individuals, separate and at war with each other.

    • Word count: 2388
  25. Comparison of 'How do I love thee?' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and 'A Birthday' written by Christina Rosetti.

    In the poem 'How do I love thee?' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, she uses this methods of using objects to show her love, she uses the objects that can be seen, touched and felt to measure her love, for example in the first three lines she says 'How do I love thee?, Let me count the ways, I love thee to the depth, breadth and height My soul can reach'. These are measurements of love in the poem and it is how the poet relates to love.

    • Word count: 1809

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