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English Media

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The horror genre is changing rapidly and the boundaries are blurred discuss the iconography and the Miss-en-scene that tells the audience witch genre they are watching focus on Hell Boy 2 + Dog Soldiers The horror genre is rapidly changing due to social attitudes and today's modern audience are scared if. Through the years horror subjects have changed fitting in with world issues and the news. For example in 1970 a film was made named The Shining and in that time period domestic violence was a really big thing around the world. So they fit that in with the film and it really scared people because the thing that the child had to fear most was that his own father wanted to axe him to death so reflecting the domestic violence in a family and the enemy within. Another example of this is Scream witch was made in the 1990s and around this time the "Fright Target" this also showed that the director wanted to reflect the fears of the audience at that time witch was the enemy within, and intruders breaking into your house and murdering you. ...read more.


The film its self is directed by as man called Guillermo Del Toro who has also directed films such as Blade 2 and Mimic both films were at one point raging blockbusters. The second film I will talk about is Dog Soldiers. This film has a really affective opening because the scene opens in a tent and it's a man and women on a tent about to have sex but as the man unzips the women's trousers the tent starts to unzip,and in comes a blood thirsty wolf violently tearing the couple apart with its bright white teeth. The scene then cuts and skips to a group of army cadets who are on a training mission in the highlands of Scotland Dog Soldiers is a British film with a British cast and also the setting is traditional British obviously with it been set in Scotland the key British factors of film are first of all the setting when it opens up in the Scottish highlands which also gives away the subject of horror because it goes form a very peaceful set to a violent vulgar vicious atmosphere with the were wolves and everything, another point of Britain in this film is the accents of these people they are from different places in England. ...read more.


The horror genre actually came from books back in the medieval times, and has grown into to a national film phenomenon, but it originated from books and pictures. The subject of horror comes from old myths and legends for example Dracula and Frankenstein but as the genre has come more modern and virtual, It has come from more Non Fiction things such as werewolves and monsters and all things like that. In the last few centuries or so Real Life horror movies have been coming into the Box Office generation these more commenly evolve around the subjects of Ghosts, Murder and Torture. Some of these films are: * The Exorcist * The Texas Chainsaw Massacre * Hostel (Was only based on a real story wasn't exactly how it happened) These are all rather disturbing films but I would really recommend watching them there really good. In conclusion I wouldn't actually say that the blurring of genres is really a bad thing because it shows that the filming generation is progressing and in a few more years something else is going to happen and were not going to know what it is until we actually come into awarness of it. By Joshua Petrini ?? ?? ?? ?? Joshua Petrini Coursework 1 4th July 2009 ...read more.

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