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english murder mystery coursework

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Murder Mystery at Grove Grounds 'Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!' bellowed down the creaky hallways of Grove Grounds as Mr Winston, the Grove Grounds butler, realised the sound he was hearing signalled distress of some kind. Quickly he rushed towards the family living room where he believed the noise had come from. Open swung the door, narrowly missing Mrs Grove, who stood there in an obvious state of shock. Without seeing the body on the floor Mr Winston asked, 'is one ok, Mrs Grove,' chuckling, 'You look like you've seen a ghost madam!' As his eyes gazed around the room at that exact moment he noticed the owner and well respected land lord, Mr Grove, husband of Mrs grove lay in a pool of blood on the floor. ...read more.


Samuel, the son of Mr Grove again seemed to walk into the Sitting room where most of the gathering seemed to take place without looking to bothered, but was on the phone to a businessman who only two days ago was locked in a bitter battle with the deceased. The row had started over selling the company which at one time had made the family millions, but Mark the 47 year old business man had to settle for a simple no. Sam had always persuaded his dad to sell the business and promised mark that he would sell the company without persuasion. Mark had knocked round around an hour before Mr Grove had tragically been stabbed, to deliver flowers to Mrs Grove to thank her for a wonderful meal. ...read more.


One character who stuck to his job the whole time of the detectives proceedings was Martin the butler and Mr Groves best friend. He lived on site and had been the one rushing to the scene of crime to comfort Mrs Grove who had unfortunately stumbled across his body before anybody else. The pair often spent long evenings sipping on whisky and smoking cigars. The group of detectives all left the building at the end of a hard days work and promised to return the day after, hoping to find more evidence. Finger prints had been taken but it had seemed everyone had touched Mr Grove with every possible culprit having their finger prints on the victims dead body and clothing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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